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‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Talks ‘Great Experience’ of Performing Songs on Show

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Per Ole Hagen/Redferns)

Though he was already a star before joining the cast, Ryan Bingham’s role on “Yellowstone” has pushed him to the next level of superstardom.

The country music singer and songwriter joined “Yellowstone” in its very first season. Playing cowboy Walker, he walked straight out of prison and into a job at the ranch. It was a chance meeting between him and Rip Wheeler that found working on the ranch and one that both men probably wish hadn’t happened. It would be an understatement to say that Walker’s stay on “Yellowstone” Ranch has been tumultuous. He’s escaped certain death on more than a few occasions and made enemies out of several of his fellow workers. Still, Walker is alive and kicking and doing his cowboy things. The most recent episode saw yet another near-death experience as senior ranch hand stabbed him right in the chest. Seeing as how there are still four episodes left in the current season — “Yellowstone” fans shouldn’t be too surprised if another attempt is made on Walker’s life.

“Yellowstone” has made Ryan Bingham into a household name among fans of western-style and country music. His acting career has provided a nice boost to his music career. In a recent interview with Cowboys and Indians, Bingham talks the impact that “Yellowstone” has had.

“A whole lot has happened with the show Yellowstone,” he says. “But with the music stuff and getting able to work with Taylor Sheridan on Yellowstone and write some songs for the show and perform them on the show — that’s just been a really great experience and very inspiring. Other than that, I’m just writing songs and continuing to do the same thing. I have a new album probably going to come out at the end of next year and working on Yellowstone still.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Shares Plans For New Album

Country music and “Yellowstone” fans are excited to hear that Ryan Bingham is working on a new album. They’re also excited that Walker has managed to slip out of yet another attempt on his life. The latest came from fellow ranch worker Lloyd, who smashes his guitar before stabbing him.

Walker is often seen on the show with guitar in hand. Now, he doesn’t have one and will have to find other ways to entertain himself. “Yellowstone” fans will certainly miss his ranch tunes. Maybe he’ll find himself another guitar between now and the end of the season. As for Walker’s quarrel with Lloyd, Bingham says it might be coming to an end soon.

“I don’t know about no more of it!” he says. “But, I can say that we are trying to work it out. That’s the best that we can do.”

We’ll see what happens next when a new episode debuts tomorrow (Sunday) night.