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‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Throws it Back to Season 1 with Rendition of ‘All Choked Up’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

“Yellowstone’s” most musical cowboy is not taking any time off. Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker in the series, is constantly creating new songs and sharing his music. However, in the recent clip, the Texas native is throwing it back so season one of the show.

In a video on Instagram, Bingham shared some footage of himself singing “All Choked Up Again,” something he brought to Taylor Sheridan’s series in season one. The tune is something you could easily listen to around a campfire – which is convenient because Bingham happens to have a fire blazing behind him as he plays.

And if you don’t recognize the song at first, give it a few seconds and you’ll remember it from a scene in the bunkhouse where the boys ask Walker to strum a few songs. When he completes “All Choked Up Again,” the guys remarked that if that was his happy song they don’t want to hear what sad sounds like.

And really, anytime we’re graced with Ryan Bingham’s music in “Yellowstone” is a good day.

With music such a big part of his character, as well as who he is in his personal life, Bingham shared that he’s extremely grateful to have such freedom when it comes to making music on the show. The “Yellowstone” actor says that Taylor Sheridan may guide him or give him some coaching, but otherwise he’s free to improvise much of the music you hear on the series.

Ryan Bingham on Writing Music for “Yellowstone”

“I’d get on set and it would sink in the reality of what’s going on and the mood of what your guys’ characters are going through and what I’m feeling right now. And I could take that to Taylor and say, ‘You know, what do you think about this?’ I think that makes it a little more fun, a bit more creative, you know, like you can at least try it.”

Bingham additionally likes toying around with new ideas and creating music that’s specific for the show. And what’s even more, the “Yellowstone” cowboy says he’s incredibly inspired by the western series.

“Even from the very beginning, when I first started writing songs, like I would close my eyes and I could visualize something,” Bingham said. “And writing a song was really like kind of just describing what I was seeing in my mind, you know? And so to have a TV show, where like I have the visuals in front of me, and I can see it… It kind of makes my mind go crazy with ideas and things to write about. And not even to speak of like the emotional part of it, as well. So it’s pretty interesting.”