‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham’s All-Time Favorite Country Song Is a George Strait Classic

by Thad Mitchell

Though already a big-time country music star, Ryan Bingham’s career continues pointing toward the sky with his role on “Yellowstone.”

On “Yellowstone,” Ryan Bingham plays the trouble-making, guitar-playing ranch hand, Walker. Bingham is tailor-made for his role as Walker to the point you would think he’s been an actor all his life. While he’s had a few acting experiences in the past, Bingham’s performance on “Yellowstone” is his most extensive work. He’s been with the show since the very season when a chance encounter with Rip Wheeler leads to a job on the ranch. Walker had been in prison for seven years before he walked out to see Rip looking for new workers. Since his introduction in season one, Bingham’s Walker has been a favorite among “Yellowstone” fans,

While “Yellowstone” has provided a nice boost for his career, Bingham’s heart is still in country music. Walker is often seen picking a guitar inside the bunkhouse and he’s lent his fantastic voice to show on several occasions. In a recent interview with Cowboys and Indians, Bingham doesn’t hesitate to pick a George Strait classic when asked what his favorite country song is.

“Amarillo by Morning,” he replies.

Bingham certainly isn’t alone in this train of thought as the song is one of the biggest hits for one of the biggest country stars of all. Several country music fans would likely give you the same answer to that question.

Speaking of new music, Bingham also notes in the interview that he hopes to have a new album sometime next year.

“Other than that, I’m just writing songs and continuing doing the same thing,” he says. “I have a new album probably going to come out at the end of next year and working on Yellowstone still.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Ryan Bingham Speaks Out on Season Four

Bingham was careful not to give much away about the fourth season of “Yellowstone” or what Walker might be up to next.

The big storyline for Walker so far has been his feud with fellow “Yellowstone” ranch hand, Lloyd. In the most recent episode, Lloyd smashes Walker’s guitar and then stabs him in the chest. Will their feud continue through the remainder of season four?

“I don’t know about no more of it!” he says. But, I can say that we are trying to work it out. That’s the best that we can do.”

Bingham was quick to credit “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan for giving him an opportunity.

“A whole lot has happened with the show Yellowstonebut with the music stuff and getting able to work with Taylor Sheridan on Yellowstone and write some songs for the show and perform them on the show — that’s just been a really great experience and very inspiring,” he says.