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‘Yellowstone’ Star Says Everyone Who Comes on Show Is Scared They’re Going to Be ‘Hung Upside Down Naked by Rip’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are now just a little over a month until the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is back in our lives once more.

“Yellowstone” fans simply cannot wait until the new season arrives later this year. Everywhere you look these days, you will find someone talking about their love of the modern western drama series. The show has been a phenomenon since it first hit the air in 2018. Though “Yellowstone” already has a huge following, its enormous fan base is seemingly growing by the day as more and more people discover the cowboy culture goodness that makes the show go round.

With the season now just weeks away, fans have their eyes peeled, searching for any kind of clue that might reveal what’s to come. “Yellowstone” fan eyes will also set their sights on the show’s brand new character. It is, however, a not-so-new character that could be generating the most buzz.

Toward the end of the third season, we are introduced to Garrett Randall, played by veteran actor Will Patton. In a recent interview, Patton talks about coming into the show as a new character as he did last season. To no one’s surprise, he says new characters on the show need to be wary of one Mr. Rip Wheeler.

“Everybody who comes on that show is afraid they’re going to be hung upside down naked by Rip,” Patton says with a laugh. “Not many people are involved with forgiveness on that show. You don’t want to offend anybody on that show. That’s all I know to say right now.”

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Says to Expect the Unexpected in Season Four

Patton was careful to not reveal too much about the upcoming season other than to say fans will be surprised. Praising the work of “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, the actor admits that even he was surprised with season four happenings.

“Well, if you know Taylor (Sheridan) — it’s going to be hard-hitting,” he says.

We don’t know if Rip will actually string someone up sans clothing but it wouldn’t be surprising. Practically every “Yellowstone” fan predicts that Rip will be out for blood given the events of the third season finale.

Via recent trailers for the fourth season, we know it is Rip that first comes upon John Dutton as he’s fighting for his life. John is shot in the chest several times by an unknown gunman as the third season comes to an end. Add on top of that the fact that Rip’s fiancée, Beth Dutton, and future brother-in-law, Kayce Dutton, are also attacked — Rip is going to be pretty mad.

A mad Rip Wheeler is likely to mean a trip to the “train station” for whoever is behind the attack on his adopted family. You have to wonder if the hanging naked part comes before or after the train station trip.

We’ll find out when “Yellowstone” returns for its fourth and latest season.