‘Yellowstone’ Star Tanaya Beatty Stuns in Rare Photos

by Lauren Boisvert

Back in May, “Yellowstone” actress Tanaya Beatty knocked us all off our feet with a series of photos on Instagram; she tagged Athens, Greece as the location, so it seems she might have been on vacation. The photos are wonderfully moody, artistic, and stunning.

In the first one, she’s painted with a series of abstract shapes, looking right at the camera with an intense gaze. In the next, she stands by a window and looks out forlornly. The third, is simply a close up shot of her face behind a gauzy curtain. In the last photo, she wears a cute embroidered white dress and stands in a doorway, looking pouty.

Tanaya Beatty has a certain melancholy look about her that lends itself to delightfully sulky sort of photos. These are gorgeous examples of what made her dangerous as Avery on “Yellowstone”; dangerous, at least, to Kayce, who she had a crush on for a bit. She admitted to Kayce that it was “love at first sight,” and Monica promptly got jealous.

Avery was the first woman in the bunkhouse, having previously worked on the Dutton ranch. When all the female ranch hands were fired, she disappeared. Then, in season 4, Kayce meets her again when he’s sent to help her family on the reservation. She admits her feelings for him, and Kayce, for his part, insists that he loves Monica.

But, during Kayce’s vision quest, she appears; he’s first visited by his older brother, Lee, who died in a shootout with members of the reservation. Lee’s demeanor changes quickly when Kayce won’t leave his protective circle. “This is your vision,” Lee shouts. “This is your destiny!” His brother’s image then changes into a vision of Avery, unclothed. “It’s just a dream,” she reminds him. “It’s just a dream.”

What’s Next for ‘Yellowstone’?

Could Avery come back in season 5? Surely there was something in that vision quest; for her to show up, naked, and remind Kayce that it’s all a dream, means maybe he was thinking about her? You’d think Monica would show up, if he truly loves her like he says. But, that seems a little too obvious. The conflict and the shakeup comes from Avery’s appearance in Kayce’s vision quest.

But what about “Yellowstone” season 5 as a whole? What can we expect from our favorite show right now? According to Kelly Reilly, a lot more Beth Dutton.

“I’m in back-to-back scenes,” she explained to TV Guide this month. Season 4 featured Beth pretty heavily, but, apparently, season 5 is really ramping up the Beth screen-time. Reilly has also mentioned that Beth and Rip are opening season 5 in “marital bliss.” The two had a slap-dash wedding at the end of season 4, and now they’re fully embracing married life. We definitely can’t wait to see what other conflicts are going to shakeup the Dutton in season 5.