‘Yellowstone’ Star Wendy Moniz Confirms Season 5 Return as Gov. Perry With New Selfie

by Jon D. B.

Governor Perry is back, Yellowstone fans. Wendy Moniz is on set for Season 5 with the behind-the-scenes shots to prove it.

Yellowstone Season 5. #LetsGoToWork.” Wendy Moniz‘s caption is straight to the point, just like her fan-favorite politician, Gov. Perry. In her latest Instagram post, the actor provides not one, but three behind-the-scenes shots of her return to the Yellowstone set in Montana.

Up first is a selfie of Moniz in character as Montana Governor Lynelle Perry; occasional love interest to John Dutton and constant force of nature.

Her next shot comes from the flight into Montana, showing off the gorgeous landscape we know and love. And lastly, Moniz offers up a glimpse of her custom Y-branded leather travel bag. Now there’s a duffle to make any Outsider jealous, to be sure.

All things considered, Moniz’s return for Yellowstone Season 5 isn’t a surprise. But it’s a very welcomed update nonetheless.

Governor Perry Has Her Work Cut Out For Her in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

“When governors drop by unannounced, it’s either real good or real bad,” John Dutton growled at Perry during her previous return in Season 4. These two had a lot to catch up on then. But boy, do they have a whole lot more to do come Season 5.

As these two former lovers took a walk through the Dutton Ranch at Perry’s request, Perry landed a bombshell on John: she’s running for senate. Her request for a gubernatorial replacement? Jamie Dutton. His adoptive father literally chokes on this suggestion.

“He’s the devil we know, John. I’ll take my chances,” Perry tells the patriarch. But John’s not having it. Not while he’s still breathing.

Instead, Kevin Costner gives a brilliant performance as his John Dutton announces he’s going to run for Governor himselfWith Perry’s endorsement. “He will destroy everything we love,” he tells Perry.

This scene hit as one of Yellowstone Season 4’s biggest bombshells. No one expected John to willfully enter a political race; something he openly despises. But Jamie’s possible appointment takes the “willfully” out of it. This is a must in John’s eyes.

Later in the episode, John delivers his first speech to Montana as a gubernatorial candidate. The powerfully-written words show just how (seemingly) perfect John is for the job.

“There is a war being waged against our way of life. That is progress in today’s world. If it’s progress you want, then don’t vote for me. I am the opposite of progress. I am the wall it bashes against. And I will not be the one who breaks.”

John Dutton, Yellowstone Season 4

Bold moves are the patriarch’s bread and butter. But even this took Yellowstone fans by surprise. Yet as John says himself with a grimace, “I’m just full of surprises.”

We’ll find out how intense this gubernatorial race gets come Yellowstone Season 5 this November 13, exclusively on Paramount Network.