‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Reveals Which Character Jamie Should Be Most Worried About

by Thad Mitchell

Much like every other “Yellowstone” fan, veteran actor Wes Bentley is thrilled that a new season is finally upon us.

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series have been incredibly patient and tonight their patience will be rewarded. We’re just a few hours away from a brand new “Yellowstone” season and fans couldn’t be more excited. But it isn’t just the show’s enormous fan base that is excited. The “Yellowstone” cast is also ready to see the fruits of their labor with tonight’s premiere episode. That includes Wes Bentley, who plays the unpredictable Jamie Dutton on the hit show. After being tight-lipped for most of the offseason, a few “Yellowstone” stars opened up in recent interviews about what to expect in season four. Bentley is amped for tonight’s two-hour premiere and it shines through in his interview with Channel Guide Magazine.

Bentley covered a wide range of topics in the interview and tells us a little bit about what we can expect for Jamie this season. After a wild third-season finale, we don’t know where Jamie’s “Yellowstone” Allegencies are. Much of the fourth season plot will revolve around what he decides to do next. Bentley says Jamie will have to keep his eyes on his own family — especially his sister, Beth Dutton. In last season’s finale, we also learn that Beth could become a legal foe of Jamie’s

“I think Beth because she’s got the drive to get him,” Bentley says. Even if she’s not as well-informed as a lawyer, I think she’s got the drive to figure it out.”

The rivalry between Jamie and Beth Dutton dates back to when they were just kids. Beth holds a strong grudge against her brother for signing off on a procedure that left her unable to bear children.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Talks Sibling Rivalry of Jamie and Beth Dutton

Some of the show’s best moments have come from Bentley sharing the stage with Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton. The two “Yellowstone” star actors know how to crank up the intensity when Jamie and Beth collide.

“He knows Beth has always got his number,” Bentley says. “She’s got everything on him, really, in a sense. It’s hard for him to feel like a real solid person when he knows what he did to this person. And he knows that she’ll never forgive him, even if he loves her.”

If Jamie wants to make it to the end of season four, he’ll need to keep his friends close and enemies closer. The big question is just who are Jamie’s enemies? The answer to that question will provide the backbone to the season four storyline.

“We’ve always imagined Beth and Jamie as being close when they were younger like they really were connected,” Bentley says. “And now that they’re split, that kind of person is the most dangerous to you, because they’ve got you from the inside.”