‘Yellowstone’ Star Will Patton Reveals ‘Scariest Part’ of His Role in New Film

by Anna Dunn

Yellowstone star Will Patton just revealed the “scariest part” of his role in the film Sweet Thing. Patton returns to Yellowstone as Jamie Dutton’s biological father, Garrett. But in the meantime, you can catch him in the harrowing film that follows teenagers struggling with life with their alcoholic father and unpredictable mother.

Patton plays a father in the film, Adam. And even though he has some intense scenes in Yellowstone as Garrett, nothing quite compares to a scene in the film where he forces his daughter to cut off her hair. It was quite hard for Patton to shoot.

In an interview with Express.co.uk, Patton talked about his upcoming role in the film. It was particularly hard for him to get in Alex’s frame of mind.

“As a matter of fact, I – that was one play where I said to Alex, ‘I just don’t know, man, I got to understand this,’” he told the publication.

“I eventually was able to find it, but that was the scariest part of the script to me when I was deciding to do it,” he said.

However, just because it was the scariest part of his new role, that doesn’t mean it was the toughest. The whole script was particularly brutal…. it almost makes Yellowstone look like a cakewalk! He told the publication that every scene presented its own challenge for him, but he still vividly remembers the night he filmed that scene.

Patton Discussed Why he Joined ‘Yellowstone’

Aside from his work on Sweet Thing, he’s also been busy with Yellowstone. The show makes its return on November 7th, and fans of the show couldn’t be more ready. Fans will finally learn the fate of John and Beth Dutton after attacks rippled through the Dutton clan.

Patton hadn’t seen the show before getting the call to join, but it didn’t take him long to agree to the role. For one, he loves a good western.

“First thing, it’s something I love to do, I love doing things with horses and get to ride and stuff even though Garrett, unfortunately, doesn’t really go into a world,” he said. But that doesn’t matter much, because he was also just impressed with show creator Taylor Sheridan.

“It’s kind of phenomenal that Taylor writes, directs (and) edits – he’s something the way he sort of like controls every element of that thing,” he said. “I was extremely impressed in what he was pulling off and it has that kind of beautiful cinematography for TV especially.”

The new season of Yellowstone airs soon, and on December 19th, a Yellowstone prequel, 1883, will premiere. This means fans of the show are finally getting the episodes they’ve been waiting for, with Will Patton playing a big role.