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‘Yellowstone’ Stars Break Down How Jamie Dutton Is Actually Trying to Save the Ranch

by Shelby Scott
Jefferson White 'Yellowstone' Season Premiere
(Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)

For seasons, Jamie Dutton’s been a constant enemy of the Dutton family. And that’s despite that he’s long carried the same last name and despite that John Dutton has faced off with far more threatening enemies. However, whether we want to admit it or not, in some aspect, all Jamie is trying to do, especially in season five, is what his adopted father’s drilled into him his whole life—protect the Yellowstone Ranch. For now, we continue to await the midseason premiere of Yellowstone season five. However, sadly, that does not air until later this summer. In the meantime, some of our favorite Yellowstone stars have pointed out ways Jamie really is trying to save the Ranch.

The discussion took place during an episode of Stories From the Bunkhouse, hosted by Yellowstone‘s Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Jefferson White. While there, the trio of onscreen cowboys, in a way, vouched for Jamie and his efforts.

Ian Bohen Makes a Play in Favor of Jamie

Richards, who plays Colby, began the conversation, “Jamie makes a speech more like an all-out attack against his father.”

Ian Bohen, however, argued, “I still believe that he is ultimately protecting the ranch, and the best way to do that is to get John out of power.”

That said, the Yellowstone star did remind us that Jamie does have intentions to sell. However, what he plans to sell is both in the best interest of his father and the ranch because, ultimately, if he doesn’t sell off a portion of the land, it will become condemned and John will earn a tenth of what the land is actually worth. At least, according to Jamie.

Further, the Ryan actor argued as well that Jamie, in his own way, is not wrong. John has used the government and his seat as a means to his own end. And if he continues to do so, the repercussions could, potentially, cost him the ranch.

In closing, Bohen said, “It doesn’t make any sense to me that all of a sudden, he wants to destroy his father and the ranch.”

Jefferson White also made a fascinating point that while Jamie’s sister Beth’s loyalty is to their father John, Jamie’s might just be to the ranch.

I suppose we’ll see whose loyalties lie where once Yellowstone—eventually—returns.

‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes Has No Clue How the Series Ends

While the bunkhouse boys continue to deliberate how and if Jamie Dutton will save the Yellowstone, Kayce Dutton actor Luke Grimes has officially admitted that he has no clue how the series ends. The actor recently appeared on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to reveal as much.

Speaking with the beloved TV talk show host, Grimes said, “I think some of the cast know the end. Some have been told, some haven’t.”

For his part, he shared, “I don’t think Taylor [Sheridan], who writes our show, wants me to know, either. I don’t know—it might affect the way you do something or play something. And it’s kind of fun to experience it this way, anyway. It’s sort of like life.”