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‘Yellowstone’ Stars Debate If Carter Will Get the Brand

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

“Yellowstone” stars Denim Richards, Ian Bohen, and Jefferson White dished on whether or not Carter (Finn Little) will be branded by the end of the season.

The trio analyzed Season 4 Episode 3 a few weeks ago on their YouTube series “Stories From the Bunkhouse.” During the episode, White asked the other two what advice they had for Carter, which led to a discussion about the brand.

Bohen started off the conversation about advice in a joking manner, saying, “First rule is always keep your resume dusted off and ready to send out. Because you’re probably not gonna be there very long. And just don’t pick any fights with anybody. That’s really the only golden rule.”

But then Richards shifted the conversation into a more serious topic when his piece of advice was, “Don’t take the brand.”

“You think Rip would brand the kid in the future?” Bohen asked the other “Yellowstone” stars incredulously.

“Maybe way down the line,” White replied. “Although Rip himself took the brand pretty young.”

Boehn still doesn’t believe Rip would brand his “alter young self.” When White points out that John Dutton branded Kayce, Bohen replied, “Yeah but look what that caused. Maybe the best advice to that kid is to get out.”

Could We See Carter Getting the Brand on ‘Yellowstone?’

The “Yellowstone” stars all raise valid points. It’s true, Rip did take the brand himself when he was only a little older than Carter. But he did it because he had no choice. He’d killed his father, and the brand ensured he would stay loyal to the ranch and dedicate his life to it.

Carter, while he’s alone in life, isn’t quite that desperate. Rip was fully prepared to drop him off in some major city, showing that Carter still has options. And given his track record of running and stealing, we know that it would be very easy for him to fall back into old habits and leave the ranch altogether.

It seems like Carter’s story arc could go one of three ways. One: He cuts and runs like we said above. Gets scared of the commitment to the ranch (and potentially Beth and Rip) and decides to try out life on his own terms.

Two: He gets branded. Carter could either see something he shouldn’t have, or become involved in something suspicious, or just needs to prove his trust to the Yellowstone. That would ensure that his character sticks around for a while.

And three: Rip and Beth take him in as their kid. This seems the least likely, since the trio kind of tried this out already. While Episode 2 showed them celebrating a little family dinner together that Beth made, by Episode 3, that family dynamic has cracked. Rip warns Beth not to spoil Carter. But she takes him shopping anyway, and he throws a tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants. Now, he has to work to earn Beth’s trust back. Which doesn’t bode well for another happy family dinner.