‘Yellowstone’ Stars Discuss Garrett Randall’s Hold Over Jamie

by Leanne Stahulak

Jamie Dutton experienced a moment of crisis during “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 6, titled “I Want To Be Him.” And it was all thanks to his biological father, Garrett Randall, talking him out of his convictions.

Leading up to this confrontation, Jamie knew what he wanted to do. He’d interviewed Riggins in prison and realized that his father had ordered the hit against his adopted family. Jamie brought a gun into his home and confronted Garrett with it. But Garrett never broke a sweat, instead confusing Jamie’s morals with a manipulative ease that was unsettling to watch.

“Yellowstone” stars Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards broke down this moment between father and son in their YouTube series, “Stories From the Bunkhouse.” The stars discussed not only Garrett’s “mastermind” capabilities but also Jamie’s desire for approval and affection.

How Garrett Sang a ‘Lullaby’ to Jamie on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 6

“Jamie is susceptible to a lullaby from a strong figure,” Bohen said during the video. “And he can come in hot, and he’s done it with [John Dutton]. But if he starts listening, he’ll abandon his strength.”

That’s exactly what happened. During the scene, Garrett intentionally undermined him, but in such a way that made it look like he was always on Jamie’s side to begin with. No personal “agenda” for Garrett. He’s just doing all of this because he loves his son.

And as for Jamie, “He wants love so badly,” Richards said. “And it’s like anybody that just tells you, ‘You mean something or you’re worth something…’ He just loses all sense of self.”

Who’s the Real Jamie Dutton?

Jamie’s gone through several different identity crises on “Yellowstone” over the seasons. From putting his political career first to being welcomed back into the Duttons, to finding out he’s not a Dutton, to finding out his biological father tried to kill the family that raised him.

So much turmoil surrounding your identity makes you crave stability and clear answers. Garrett is providing those answers to Jamie now, solidifying that Garrett, Christina, and Jamie’s baby will be his new family. Of course, it helps that if the Duttons all die, Jamie could inherit one of the largest ranches in the United States. But that doesn’t obviously doesn’t play into Garrett’s motivations, right?

“Our introduction to Garrett, we’ve sort of slowly kind of gotten to know him better and kind of broken past the first few layers,” Jefferson White said during the video. “And then this scene is the scene where it’s like, ‘Oh, he’s also a mastermind.”

Garrett knows exactly what Jamie wants and needs, and he gives it to him. With a few strings attached, of course. What starts out as a righteous moment for Jamie quickly turns into one of surrender and susceptibility when Garrett easily manipulates him into trusting his biological father.

“He can do that at the highest stakes,” Richards concluded. “To have a gun pointed at you and to be able to disarm somebody, it’s like, ‘Oh yeah, you know how to do this.'”