‘Yellowstone’ Stars Explain Why Rip Isn’t ‘Afraid’ of Beth

by Jennifer Shea

On Yellowstone, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is a pretty fearsome character. She makes seasoned corporate executives wilt under her unflinching stare, foul mouth and pointed threats. Even John Dutton (Kevin Costner) winces at Beth’s frank approach and graphic language. But there’s one character who’s definitely not afraid of Beth.

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) disarms Beth directly, time after time, even as he also gives his heart to her. Separately, each member of the couple is battle-scarred and tough as nails. But together, they’re the sweetest love story Yellowstone has to offer.

In a new episode of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” the Bunkhouse Boys – Jimmy actor Jefferson White, Colby actor Denim Richards and Ryan actor Ian Bohen – dissect why Rip isn’t afraid of Beth, even though everyone else in their right mind is. And they agree that Beth and Rip are the kind of couple you root for.

Yellowstone‘s Bunkhouse Boys Discuss Rip Standing Up to Beth

In a recent episode of Yellowstone, series co-creator Taylor Sheridan wrote a very uncomfortable dinner scene. It begins with Beth recommending a tantric doctor to her father and ends with Beth leaving the table in a huff. In other words, it’s a disaster from start to finish.

Then Rip follows Beth out and asks his sweetheart about whatever it is she’s trying to work out by ruining dinner. He sees through all Beth’s drama and calls her on her bullsh*t.

Somehow, the couple winds up back at the dinner table with John and Carter (Finn Little), this time relaxed and telling stories. Carter hears about the time a giant snake showed up at the ranch when Rip was about his age.

As they’re all laughing, Beth turns to Rip and thanks him. Life is hard enough, Rip tells her. You don’t have to make it more difficult. “You saying I make things difficult?” Beth asks. “Every day,” Rip replies.

“Rip kind of stands up to Beth, and confronts her,” White summarized.

“That’s where his simplicity, I think, really plays such a major part,” Richards added. “Because she’s always about like, there’s always these complex issues, and there’s always these deeper layers. And even in that scene, when he’s like, there’s a table right here. Not everything requires this five, 10, 12-dimensional thought process. Sometimes it can just be like, if you don’t like that table in there, because it stirs up all of these memories, let’s just eat here.”

“It’s wonderful to watch a character who’s not simple by any means, but he’s less complicated than Beth,” Bohen chimed in. “He can disarm her being smarter than her own self and outsmarting herself with just a perspective shift that levels them. When that happens, you can see them look at each other and go, I know why I love you in this moment. And that happens constantly throughout. It’s gorgeous.”

“And also, he’s not intimidated by her,” Richards said.

“He’s not. He’s not afraid to say [what’s on his mind],” Bohen agreed.

 Watch the Bunkhouse Boys discuss rooting for Rip and Beth here (at 3:30):