‘Yellowstone’ Stars Gearing Up for ‘First and Only’ Fan Convention: What to Know

by Jon D. B.

Ready for the “first and only” Yellowstone fan convention? Actor Mo Brings Plenty has the details, and he’s passing them on to fans ahead of the event.

“Check it out!” Brings Plenty posted to his official Instagram Tuesday. “Join Jen Landon, Jake Ream, Denim Richards, and me at the first and only Yellowstone television YellowStones fans convention – October 28 + 29, 2022, in Davenport, Iowa!”

That’s right, Yellowstone fans, this select group will be present for the first convention for television’s #1 show. “Tickets are on sale NOW and include two-day packages,” Brings Plenty reveals. “The packages are your best bet, so you better get them while they are hot and still available!”

As you’ll see below, these packages aren’t cheap, either. But the price includes a whole lot more than a brief meet & greet with actors from the show.

What to Know: ‘Thru the YellowStones’ Fan Convention

  • Where: RiverCenter in Davenport, Iowa
  • When: October 28 & 29, 2022
  • What: Personal setting with Yellowstone cast guests, classes, contests, parties, dinners, and more
  • Cost: $620-$750

“Everything you need to know about this FANTASTIC weekend — including ticket information — can be found on the Thru The YellowStones website,” Brings Plenty continues. “We hope to see you there, don’t let us down, because man, that’d be embarrassing!”

As for the whopping $620 to $750 fans will need to spend in order to attend, the event’s founder, Debbie Ford, addresses this directly:

“Meeting the cast members is a really special treat,” Ford offers. “As they mingle amongst us for the two days, you will begin to feel as though you are starting to know them as friends.”

As an event, “This con goes way beyond the simple meet and greet and panel discussions – although these are included,” she reiterates. “At TTYS the entertainment, food, classes, trivia contest, costume party, presentations, activities, vendors,  decorations, and gift bags, all help to create a very special atmosphere reminding you of Yellowstone at every turn.”

Ready to mingle with some of the show’s fan favorites? Here’s who’ll be spending their weekend at Thru the YellowStones.

‘Yellowstone’ Cast Guests: Colby’s Denim Richards

Denim Richards as Colby on Yellowstone. (Paramount Network Press)

“Denim Richards as ranch hand Colby in Yellowstone, takes his fair share of ribbing from Teeter and the bunkhouse cowboys. In reality, Denim is a classically trained opera singer, author, owns a production company and speaks German. Meet this multi-talented man and learn even more about Denim at Thru The YellowStones.”

Thru the YellowStones

Meet Teeter’s Jen Landon

Paramount Network.

“With pink hair, a feisty attitude and a way of speaking that defies much comprehension, Teeter is one of our Yellowstone favorites! Played by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Landon, Teeter brings her very own style of cowboy to the Dutton bunkhouse. At Thru The YellowStones you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Jen, an actor, writer, avid walker and the mother of bulldogs.”

Thru the YellowStones

Meet Horsemaster Jake Ream

Photo credit: Paramount Network Press via Yellowstone Twitter Account, Viacom

“The lovable Jake Ream will take a few days away from wrangling horses in Montana to be with us at Thru The YellowStones! Jake started with the Yellowstone crew as their horse trainer and when  an extra cowboy was needed, Jake stepped in. His role has continued to grow into one of the Dutton’s permanent ranch hands. Funny, handsome and personable, I know you will be as delighted to talk with Jake as I have been!”

Thru the YellowStones

And Of Course, Mo’s Moses Brings Plenty


“Moses Brings Plenty, better known as Mo by Yellowstone fans, is the quiet and wise right-hand man of Chairman Rainwater. In real life, Mo is of Lakota heritage and grew up in South Dakota. Mo is a rancher, drummer, horse stunt rider, and American Indian storyline consultant. Meeting this talented man will certainly be a highlight at Thru The YellowStones”

Thru the YellowStones’ Full Schedule of Events

For a full schedule of events, address & hotel info, and all other details, visit the convention’s official website here.

It’s sure to be a unique experience, one that attendees will never forget. And shortly after the convention, Yellowstone will return with Season 5 come November 13, 2022.