‘Yellowstone’ Stars Had a Field Day Making Fun of This ‘Ridiculous’ Jacket Jamie Dutton Wears

by Joe Rutland

Nothing like having a little fun on “Yellowstone” when it comes at the rather humorous expense of one of the show’s stars, Wes Bentley.

Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton on the Paramount Network hit drama, happened to be wearing a slick denim jacket one day. Actually, Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate Dutton, was rummaging through some old photos and decided to share them on Instagram on Sunday.

You can see them below, Outsiders. But he wrote about the collection of “Yellowstone” photos and what was going on during this Season 3 filming day.

Take a look at these pics from Merrill.

In a couple of these pictures, you can find “Yellowstone” lead actor Kevin Costner and Ian Bohen. Now Bohen plays Ryan as a recurring character on the Taylor Sheridan-created show. Kelsey Asbille, who appears as Monica Dutton, also pops up in these pictures. Toss in Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, in the mix as well.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Had Frumpy Denim Jacket Around On Hot Day

But that jacket? Goodness. “Yellowstone” keeps fans on alert with their fantastic storylines. As Merrill wrote, it was so hot on that day of shooting that the jacket might not have made an appearance.

Well, except for Bentley wearing it for a picture and Merrill trying on the oversized jacket himself.

Gotta love the fun times actors can produce when hamming it up on “Yellowstone.”

One thing that definitely is not a laughing matter is the Season 4 opening episode. A lot of craziness that filled up the Season 3 finale is coming to a head. Outsiders who watch the show know John Dutton, Costner’s character, was last seen on a roadside bleeding. Shootings and explosions galore made so much drama that fans have been wondering how it all tied together.

Fret not, “Yellowstone” fans. That new season kicks off on Sunday, Nov. 7, with a two-hour opener at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central on the Paramount Network.

Show Recently Wished Bentley ‘Happy Birthday’ On Social Media

Who doesn’t like to receive a “Happy Birthday” from their boss? Maybe you Outsiders don’t want one.

But Bentley recently had a birthday on Sept. 4 and “Yellowstone” took a minute to celebrate the day.

The show’s official Twitter account sent these words out along with a snazzy picture of him all dressed up as Jamie.

“Happy Birthday, Wes Bentley! We’re celebrating with the Workin’ the Yellowstone Labor Day Marathon. Season 1 starts TODAY at 12 pm ET, only on @ParamountNet. #YellowstoneTV” is the tweet.

“Yellowstone” sent that out on Friday, Sept. 4, as the drama is having its first three seasons run over and over again.