‘Yellowstone’ Stars Jen Landon, Cole Hauser Are in Full Teeter and Rip Wheeler Mode in New Pic

by Jonathan Howard

Yellowstone fans are so excited to catch Season 5 this fall. It feels like the cast is getting excited as well with each new social media post. Jen Landon was the latest to post something ahead of the Season 5 trailer dropping on Sunday. Her posts on Saturday showed off a fun time that she and costar Cole Hauser had at The Run For A Million, a reining competition at Bosque Ranch Headquarters.

The Bosque Ranch was pretty hospitable to Landon and her costar. The two were set up at a booth, they got to mingle with some of the fans, and of course, watch some great rodeo. It looked like a heck of a time. If you were a Yellowstone fan you likely would have been able to get a photo with one of the two stars that were there.

If you were really lucky, then Landon likely shared a drink or two with you in the process.

“Thank you [Bosque Ranch Headquarters] for having me out again for [The Run For A Million] in Vegas! The horses were so incredible and I got to cheer for my buddy [Matt Mills], hang out with comrade [Cole Hauser], and get a wee tipsy with a bunch of strangers (as seen in photo 5).”

You can really tell that so many of these cast members have fallen in love with Western culture and sport. It feels like every time you look up, one or more of the cast have made it out to another rodeo, another roping event, another ranch. It’s something that can’t be made up, it has to be real. Taylor Sheridan has built a culture on Yellowstone.

The new season has a lot of promise. Fans are buzzing with just months to go until the premiere and the teaser trailer has only helped.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Trailer ‘All Will Be Revealed’

Here’s what we know about the upcoming season – “All Will Be Revealed.” That can at times be a bit of a cheesy shortcut or phrase in entertainment. However, it feels very real coming from Yellowstone. The series has just been so well done through four seasons, how could it be a letdown?

We know that this is a major season. There are a lot of tensions in and outside of the Dutton family. In the new trailer, we get at least a glimpse of Beth, Jamie, Kayce, Rip, John, and Governor Perry. There’s a feeling that the political angle is going to really be played up. Is John Dutton ready for a life of politics?

Check out the trailer and see it for yourself over here. You can count on Outsider to keep you up to date as the Season 5 premiere of Yellowstone gets closer and closer. All will be revealed, but what will be revealed is what will be causing viewers to itch until November 13th.