‘Yellowstone’ Stars Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley Tell Wild Story About ‘Cowboy Camp’ Ahead of Season 5

by Hunter Miller
(Photo via Paramount Network Press Center)

Yellowstone” stars Luke Grimes and Wes Bentley are gearing up for Season 5 of the insanely popular Paramount Network series by hitting the talk show circuits. This week, the two actors stopped by the “Kelly Clarkson Show,” and they told Clarkson some wild stories about “cowboy camp.”

Before filming each season of the show, “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan puts the cast through “cowboy camp.” Which is essentially, as Kelly Clarkson notes, “City Slickers” but for actors. At the top of the interview, Clarkson started the conversation by asking if Grimes or Bentley had any real cowboying skills in real life before landing the role. Like the good actor he is, Grimes managed to convince the showrunners that he could ride. However, that wasn’t exactly accurate.

“I think it was on my resume that I could ride a horse, but I was totally lying,” Grimes tells Clarkson. “No, I totally lied. Not at all. It was terrible.”

Luke Grimes says he’s able to take the reins a little more confidently while filming “Yellowstone” now, though. “I can a little bit now, you know. We’ve been working on it for five years at this point,” he continued. “They’ve had us doing a lot of, you know, working with really good people. Doing some cowboy camps, that sort of thing. So, yeah a little better now.”

Bentley then chimed in explaining how preparing for the show involved going out in the wilderness with some real cowboys. “We went on this cowboy camp that we had these like Paul Bunyan-type real cowboys who do pack rides,” Bentley says. “And we were to go out off the grid and live with them and try to survive. And learn how to ride horses and stuff, but it was an adventure though.”

If that wasn’t intimidating enough for them, Bentley says things took an unexpected turn during camp. “It was crazy though. We kind of got separated from those Paul Bunyan types,” he continued. “And it was just actors alone in the woods.”

Clarkson then asks the “Yellowstone” stars how they got separated. “We were wondering if it was like, part of the thing,” Grimes said. “Like, they’re doing this on purpose. They’ll be here any minute. No, we didn’t see them till the next day.”

The actors even came across an unexpected visitor while out in the woods. Bentley says, “We thought we saw a bear in the distance … we were like, there was some figure way off and we couldn’t figure out what exactly it was.” But Grimes thinks he knows exactly what was going on. “I think it was one of the cowboys just keeping an eye on us … just making sure we didn’t die.”

“Yellowstone” returns on Sunday, November 13 at 8 PM ET. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the Season 5 premiere.