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‘Yellowstone’ Stars Prove They’re Real Badass Cowboys at Texas Charity Rodeo

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Yellowstone boasts some badass cowboys (and cowgirls) as part of its cast. And this year’s Careity Celebrity Cutting rodeo event just proved that once again.

On Friday, Yellowstone stars Kelly Reilly, Forrie J. Smith, and Jefferson White showed up at the Will Rogers Memorial Center to help the Careity Foundation, which provides care and counseling services to low-income cancer patients in Texas’s Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson counties, WFAA reports. Joining them were country star Randy Travis and former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek.

Smith, White, and Novacek took part in the cutting competition. Reilly was an honorary host alongside Taylor Sheridan’s wife Nicole. (Sheridan himself had planned to be there, but couldn’t at the last minute because he was filming 1883, the Yellowstone prequel starring Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott.)

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Travel to Fort Worth for a Good Cause

The Yellowstone stars went to Fort Worth to help raise funds and awareness for Careity. This year, thanks in part to their attendance, the show was sold out.

Reilly told WFAA that she was in a polo club as a youngster, so she’s comfortable around horses. Alas, her character, Beth Dutton, supposedly hates horses due to her mother’s death in a horseback riding accident, so Reilly doesn’t get many opportunities to ride on the show.

As for the show itself, Reilly said she knows Beth is a fan favorite, and she’s proud of the work that she and her castmates have done.

“I’m so proud of the work,” Reilly said. “I’m proud to be part of the show, and it’s exciting.”

Smith, meanwhile, is also grateful to be a part of Yellowstone. He said that Lloyd is the best part he’s gotten in 30-plus years in the business. But his focus on Friday was on helping the charity.

“People that we’re able to help tonight – hopefully, we can put some change in the world,” he said.

White, who knew nothing about cowboys or rodeos until he joined the cast of Yellowstone, poked fun at his own learning process when it comes to cutting.

“Failure is a huge part of learning,” White said Friday. “Everybody remember that.”

Season 4 Is Well Underway

Yellowstone Season 4 is now well underway, with plenty of suspense in store for each of those actors’ characters. Beth Dutton (Reilly) is in over her head with Carter (Finn Little), the troubled youth she decided to adopt after he was orphaned at the same hospital where her father (Kevin Costner) was being treated. Beth’s quick temper is not exactly well-suited to Carter’s boundary-testing. Will she make it as an adoptive parent?

And it remains to be seen if Beth has also tackled too much by taking up Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), the CEO of Market Equities, on her offer to work for the hedge fund. Beth plans to run it into the ground, thereby eliminating a potential threat to the Dutton Ranch, but Warner is not quite slow enough to stand by and watch that happen.

Jimmy (White) has been on a journey from the Dutton Ranch to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas after he broke his promise to John Dutton. He’s not exactly thrilled to be there. Will he fit in and find a home at the Four Sixes? Dutton cryptically told Jimmy that Jimmy will decide himself when he’s ready to return to Montana. When that will be is anyone’s guess.

And Lloyd (Smith) is in hot water with Rip (Cole Hauser) for letting his pride come before the ranch. After Lloyd got into a brawl with Walker (Ryan Bingham), Rip was forced to deck the veteran ranch hand, and now Lloyd’s status at the ranch is in question. Will Lloyd recover from recent events and return to Rip’s good graces?

Yellowstone fans have been at the edge of their seats. Tune in to the Paramount Network Sundays at 8 p.m. ET to find out what happens.