Yellowstone Stars Reveal the ‘Highest Maintenance’ in the Dutton Ranch Bunkhouse

by Halle Ames

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the highest maintenance cowboy of them all? Well, we have your long-awaited answer from the “Yellowstone” cast themselves.

In a three-minute Facebook video, Jefferson White (Jimmy), Denim Richards (Colby), and Ian Bohen (Ryan) all give their input about who they think is the highest maintenance person in the Dutton Ranch Bunkhouse.

After three seasons of obsessively watching “Yellowstone,” we have our answer, but we will let the actors speak for themselves.

Yellowstone Stars Weigh In

Without a shadow of a doubt or pause, both Denim and Ian vote for Denim as the highest maintenance. On the other hand, Jefferson thinks otherwise.

“The highest maintenance? It’s me. I’m the high maintenance one,” says the Jimmy star.

Denim disagrees, saying, “He said he is the highest maintenance one? No! Absolutely not!”

Ian adds that Jefferson would be his last choice. “He doesn’t require anything. He is on the cusp of growing facial hair… any year now. And he’s got perfect skin because he is seventeen.”

Jefferson, who is actually around the age of 30, defends his statement. “I’ve got to have a team of experts that assembles my hairline every shooting day. It’s not fair to accuse either of those guys of being high maintenance. And they’re not, you know! They’re both rough and tumbled real cowboys, you know. A couple of hard guys from the country.”

It should be noted that while Jefferson was saying all those lovely things about the manly cowboys, the video shows the men going through an extensive hair and makeup process.

Denim admits earlier in the video that he is also the pickiest eater due to his “specific diet.”

Ian claims Denim only eats seaweed chips, while Jefferson says that he eats one healthy meal with Denim, which consists of “two leaves,” and then eats another meal that consists of the unhealthy food that he loves.

Regardless, we still see our beloved cowboys as the beer-drinking, meat-loving, horse-riding men that take care of business.