‘Yellowstone’ Stars Reveal How All of the Duttons ‘Fates Are Intertwined’ in Season 5

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kevin Costner as John Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

The Bunkhouse Boys are back for season 5 theories and discussions in the “Yellowstone” after-show series Stories from the Bunkhouse, and we’re all here for their analyses. They begin by discussing John Dutton’s new power, and how he’s going to wield it. Is he going to use his office just to protect his land? Or is he actually going to govern the state of Montana?

Ian Bohen, Jefferson White, and Denim Richards seem to think John is going to use his power like a shield around his land. Everyone needs to back off and it’ll all be fine, but if you step a toe onto Dutton land, John is going to release the “power of hell” from his new seat at the head of the table.

They also discussed Jamie Dutton and his predicament. No one wants Jamie close, but they need him all the same. Jefferson White says that they’re entering into politics now, which is Jamie’s playing field. “[Jamie’s] more comfortable in Helena, the capitol, than any of them,” he says.

So, now, the fates of the Dutton family are all intertwined. Beth takes down Jamie, what happens to John’s political leverage? At the same time, Denim Richards posits that Jamie won’t stop until he sees everything taken away from his family.

“If Jamie goes down, you know Jamie’s not going to go down easy,” says Jefferson White. “He’s going to be pulling John Dutton with him, pulling Beth with him.” As Ian Bohen says, “[Jamie’s] got the goods on everybody. But so does everyone else.”

Every one of the Duttons has something on someone else in the family. I think, if they do go down, they’re going to be taken themselves down. No outside force needed, that family will destroy itself from the inside before anyone else can.

Does Beth Dutton Deserve a ‘Yellowstone’ Redemption Arc? Does Jamie?

The question on all our minds is, who deserves a redemption arc the most? Does anyone on “Yellowstone” really deserve redemption at all? What about Beth? We’ve seen her do some pretty nasty, conniving things over the last four seasons, but a peek into how her past actions are haunting her really feels like we’re gearing up to redeem her. Does she deserve it?

Episode one saw Beth’s softer side, at least as soft as Beth really gets. She had a tender moment with her now-husband Rip, and a little sibling interaction with Jamie in the car. But, once we got to episode two, things started getting savage, as they usually do when Beth and Jamie interact.

Yes, Jamie harbored his biological father, who tried to have the Duttons killed. But, the problem with Beth is that she’s not evolving as a person. She’s still having these petty fights with Jamie.

Does Beth deserve redemption? Maybe not, if she refuses to grow as a character. She won’t just change her whole persona overnight, but she’s stuck in her grudges. Does Jamie deserve redemption, though? It’s possible. He’s also done some horrible things in his life, but he doesn’t seem to be holding grudges as Beth does. We’ll have to wait and see how this relationship plays out through the season.