‘Yellowstone’ Stars Reveal How Sarah Atwood Is Using a ‘New Tactic’ on Jamie Dutton

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Sarah Atwood is setting out to throw Jamie Dutton for a loop on the upcoming episodes of “Yellowstone.” Bunkhouse Boys Denim Richards, Ian Bohen, and Jefferson White got together for another episode of Stories from the Bunkhouse, where they discussed the “new tactic” Sarah Atwood is using on Jamie Dutton.

“We had a new, strong woman, Sarah Atwood,” Ian Bohen began. Jefferson White continued, “So few people have tried to use love and charm and affection to manipulate Jamie. So it does seem like when Sarah comes in and uses a different tactic to get close to him, it’s very effective.”

True, in this “Yellowstone” episode, it does seem like Jamie played right into Sarah’s hands. Maybe he knows she’s playing him and he’s waiting it out to see what she does. Or maybe Sarah already has him eating out of her hand.

“He never had a chance,” the boys agree. Denim Richards continues, “I think he wanted to buy into it. He understands that this is a manipulation tactic, but I also think in his own mind they may go so far down the road that she may actually feel something for him as well. And I think that’s where the trap is ultimately going to be laid.”

Ian Bohen, however, disagreed. “[Jamie] has no idea,” he says. “In that moment [when Sarah asks Jamie out]. As soon as it’s in front of you, something switches off and it’s like, ‘oh man.’ […] And despite the audience going, ‘don’t do this,’ he thinks, ‘I’m it.'”

Denim Richards continues his “Yellowstone” theory, saying, “I feel like because of his political power, it seems unlikely that someone just comes and takes favor in you because of your dynamic personality.”

“When a man is seduced by a woman in that regard,” says Bohen, “you just lose your mind.”

Bunkhouse Boys Talk Who They Would and Wouldn’t Fistfight on ‘Yellowstone’

The third episode of “Yellowstone” ended with a huge bar brawl, and the boys shared who they would and wouldn’t take in a fistfight. For Ian Bohen, it’s a certain distinguished cowboy.

“I wouldn’t fistfight Forrie right now,” said Bohen, “I wouldn’t. People are like, ‘Oh he’s got gray hair, I can whoop his ass.’ I’m gonna tell you what, don’t try it.”

We’ll keep that in mind. Lloyd can definitely hold his own in a fight. He comes to Beth’s rescue during the brawl, knocking out the bouncer who had Beth in a headlock. He may have just turned 58, but Lloyd can still throw a mean punch.

Jefferson White, meanwhile stated exactly who he would and wouldn’t fistfight. “I can tell you the only person on ‘Yellowstone’ who I would fistfight is season four Carter,” said White. But, “I would not fistfight season five Carter.”