‘Yellowstone’ Stars Reveal Secrets Behind That Wild Season 5 Bar Fight

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

The third episode of “Yellowstone” came out swinging in the last few minutes, as Beth instigated a bar fight with a woman who hit on Rip, smashing a beer bottle over her head. The fight ended with Beth arrested, and we’ll have to tune in this Sunday to see what happens to her.

Meanwhile, Denim Richards, Jefferson White, and Ian Bohen got together for another installment of Stories from the Bunkhouse, the aftershow they do on the official “Yellowstone” YouTube. There, the three actors discussed their theories for the next episode, broke down what happened in episode 3, and talked about the bar fight specifically.

According to Richards, this was the biggest fight on the show since the biker brawl from season 3. Bohen then tells a story about going to the bar before filming began.

“We find out that the fight is going to be at a bar in Missoula,” he begins. “So we drive up the day before and I went to the bar before the crew got it because I wanted to see it. It’s amazing when you see it on the show. It’s just like that.”

Bunkhouse Boys Describe the Bar Fight for ‘Yellowstone’ Aftershow

“We probably had about 20 stunt men and women that came in,” says Richards, while White looks on in awe. He wasn’t involved in the fight because we haven’t seen much of Jimmy this “Yellowstone” season. Richards continued, “For us, we don’t have any stunt doubles. So everything that we do, we’re doing.”

“There were a hundred and some people, I’d say a hundred people inside the bar,” Bohen recalls. “And it was bordering on a ‘Road House’ style fight. And what’s different is it was, like, a melee, like a Spartan battle, you had to dodge stuff.”

“I remember,” says Richards, “I took a pool stick and cracked it over somebody. So they brought me some pool sticks to be able to do [it] and it took, like, probably five takes because I would swing it back too far, then it would break before.”

Ian Bohen describes the scene further for Jefferson White, who listens raptly. Before the fight, Lainey Wilson was playing her new song, “Smell Like Smoke,” which she debuted on the show. After she performs, she goes to dance with Ryan, who she’s had a little thing with recently. A woman hits on Rip while he’s watching Beth dance with Teeter, and then all hell breaks loose.

“The energy of that is so exciting,” says Jefferson White. “Like this massive pumping energy.” True, the energy was palpable during the fight, even just watching it on TV. The bouncer puts Beth in a headlock, and Lloyd is there to punch the guy out, and then Beth’s back on a rampage, not letting that stop her. We’ll definitely be tuning in to “Yellowstone” this Sunday to see how these consequences play out for Beth.