‘Yellowstone’ Stars Reveal Which Actor They Would ‘Not’ Fist Fight

by Lauren Boisvert
(Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

The Bunkhouse Boys are back for another breakdown of “Yellowstone,” this time talking about episode 3 and the epic bar fight at the end. They also take a moment to discuss who they would and wouldn’t take in a fistfight.

The Stories from the Bunkhouse video opens with a scene from “Yellowstone” of Rip wishing Lloyd a happy birthday and Colby asking, “Is he 70?” to which Rip responds, “58, now, come on,” which the Bunkhouse Boys repeat incredulously like they can’t believe it. True, Forrie J. Smith is a little older at 63, but that’s not too big of a gap. And Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Jefferson White know not to mess with him.

“I wouldn’t fistfight Forrie right now,” says Ian Bohen, “I wouldn’t. People are like, ‘Oh he’s got gray hair, I can whoop his ass.’ I’m gonna tell you what, don’t try it.”

So that’s a definite ‘no’ on trying to beat Forrie J. Smith in a fight. Noted. But what does Jefferson White have to say about who he’d take in a fight?

“I can tell you the only person on ‘Yellowstone’ who I would fistfight is season four Carter,” says White. But, “I would not fistfight season five Carter.”

Good call there, Jefferson. Finn Little has definitely hit his growth spurt and sprouted like a weed over the past year, and he looks like he could hold his own in a fight. Maybe even the big fight at the end, though Rip tells him to stay home and don’t go anywhere near the bar. He is still a teenager, after all.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Talk That Intense Bar Fight at the End of Episode Three

As for the rest of Stories from the Bunkhouse, the boys discuss that wild finish, describing it to Jefferson White, who didn’t get to film there. His character, Jimmy, hasn’t been around too much in season five, but we’re hoping he gets a larger part coming soon.

Ian Bohen began by sharing that he scouted out the bar before filming started. “We find out that the fight is going to be at a bar in Missoula,” he started. “So we drive up the day before and I went to the bar before the crew got it because I wanted to see it. It’s amazing when you see it on the show. It’s just like that.”

Denim Richards then went on to describe the fight scene itself. “We probably had about 20 stunt men and women that came in,” he said. “For us, we don’t have any stunt doubles. So everything that we do, we’re doing.”

Bohen explained to White that there were about one hundred people in the bar filming the scene. “And it was bordering on a ‘Road House’ style fight,” said Bohen. “And what’s different is it was, like, a melee, like a Spartan battle, you had to dodge stuff.”