‘Yellowstone’ Stars Talk ‘First Day’ Filming High Octane Season 4 Premiere

by Thad Mitchell

Like a shot of pure adrenaline straight to the heart, the first scene of “Yellowstone’s” fourth season was high octane.

Hopefully, you didn’t blink because if you did — you might have missed something. That’s how fast the action was moving through the initial sequence in episode one. It was straight chaos through portions of the premiere and “Yellowstone” fans loved every second of it. In a recent episode of “Stories From The Bunkhouse” a few of the show’s actors talk about their experience filming the premiere.

“Stories from the Bunkhouse, Season 4 Episode 1,” the social media post says. “The Bunkhouse Boys are back! Jefferson White (Jimmy), Denim Richards (Colby) and Ian Bohen (Ryan) break down the first episode of “Yellowstone” season four and play a must-see game of Would You Rather.”

“That was our first day I want to say,” Bohen says on shooting the opening sequence. “You this sort of slo-mo ethereal sequence of all of the mayhem.”

The “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew did their part and held their ground against the unknown attackers. The ambushers landed a crushing blow by lighting Rip Wheeler’s cabin ablaze but the crew of ranch hands more than fought back and dispatched the attackers. In the super-cool opening sequence, we see the bunkhouse boys handle their business by returning fire on the assailants. They also got into some intense hand-to-hand combat but used teamwork to dominate the outnumbered assailants. They loaded the dead bodies into the back of Lloyd’s truck before Rip gives the order to dispose of them.

“You and I (Richards) were tasked with carrying a 200-pound man for 80 yards for about 26 takes,” Bohen says. “We went from the bunkhouse to the arena.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Is Off To a Fast Start

The first episode of the new season is etched into the minds of every “Yellowstone” fan watching. Elsewhere, we see that John, Kayce and Beth survive the coordinated attacks though each is severely wounded.

Rip is the first to come upon John Dutton who is lying in the street near death. He is able to scribble out the description of the van that shoots him in his own blood. Rip rushes John to a hospital before Kayce calls in a helicopter to pick up his father.

Kayce is able to evade the gunmen approaching his office and gives chase to the van carrying the attackers. Along with several law enforcement agents, he tracks down the van and opens fire, killing the attackers. He is then shot in the abdomen as the scene ends.

Beth may have gotten the worst of the attack with a bomb going off inside her office. Though badly injured, she is able to walk aside and ask a young man for a cigarette.

It appears that it’s going to take more than an attack to move the Duttons from “Yellowstone.”