‘Yellowstone’ Stars Tease John Dutton Releasing the ‘Power of Hell’ in Season 5

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kevin Costner as John Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Stories from the Bunkhouse has returned for a record-breaking season 5 and “Yellowstone” stars Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Jefferson White have some interesting theories about the season. For one, they claim that the Duttons’ fates are all intertwined, and if one goes down, they all go down.

I tend to agree with this theory. It’s possible that when the Duttons do fall, it will be from the inside. They will destroy themselves before they let someone else do it.

But what do the Bunkhouse Boys think about John Dutton’s new position as Governor of Montana? “What does this mean for the people that are against us? The people that are for us? The people that are on the fence?” asks Denim Richards.

“His whole focus, for four seasons, has been his land, his ranch,” Jefferson White replies. “And then in order to protect his ranch, suddenly he has to take responsibility for the whole state.”

Bunkhouse Boys Discuss John Dutton’s New Power As Governor On ‘Yellowstone’

“Is he going to govern the state or is he just using that as a way to protect his place?” asks Ian Bohen. And therein lies the big question: did John Dutton become the governor because he wanted to make Montana better, or because he could use that power to protect his ranch? The Bunkhouse Boys then ask, is John Dutton going to be a corrupt governor?

“How far would he go?” asks Ian Bohen. Jefferson White posits that there’s no good and evil on “Yellowstone.” Everything is now in a morally gray area. He mentions “mutually exclusive conflicts,” where what John Dutton needs, what ranchers need, what people who live in the cities need, and what the Native people need are all very different things. As governor, he has to take all those needs into account, not just his own.

Denim Richards doesn’t think John is necessarily going to be corrupt, “But,” he says, “I do think that his good intentions sometimes lead to a path of corruption.”

Ian Bohen, similarly, believes that John is going to use his power defensively, as a “giant shield” to protect his land, saying “‘Don’t come here.'” Bohen continues, “But if you do, he’ll unleash the power of hell in his office.”

Is John Dutton Going to Be a Corrupt Leader?

We’re all wondering how John Dutton is going to take on this new role as governor of Montana on “Yellowstone.” We know he can be a leader, but can he be a leader and also play by the rules? There’s no sending someone to the train station in politics. He needs to be sharp and watch his back because everyone is going to try to stab him in it.

As much as John doesn’t want to admit it, he needs Jamie now. Jamie is the most comfortable in politics out of all the Duttons. He knows the rules and how to bend them. John needs to learn the rules as well before he can break them. I get the feeling he’s going to need to have Jamie on his side this season. It’s better to have Jamie where you can keep an eye on him than not, after all.