‘Yellowstone’: Summer Higgins Actress Piper Perabo Says the Dutton’s ‘Work on So Many Levels’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/WireImage)

Actress Piper Perabo made her highly anticipated “Yellowstone” debut in the most recent episode and did not disappoint.

We are introduced to Perabo’s “Yellowstone” character, Summer Higgins, early in the episode. She is in Montana to protest industrial farming that she says is guilty of slaughtering millions of animals. When the protest gets a little out of hand — such as Kayce Dutton being hit, the protesters are arrested. Speaking to John Dutton, Summer spills out the reason she has come to Montana. Her fellow protesters remove their shirts and pour red paint, to symbolize blood, over themselves in a fit of rage. As she sits on the curb with handcuffs keeping her restrained, John says charges will be pressed against the group.

But John isn’t completely unsympathetic to Summer’s cause and bails her out of jail the following day. Keep in mind that John Dutton is also a lover of animals, especially horses. He offers summer a tour of his ranch in hopes that they can understand each other a little better.

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Perabo says “Yellowstone” fans are going to be seeing much more of Summer. She also says the Dutton family will have mixed feelings about her arrival at the ranch.

“Summer is used to being one of the big fish when she goes into conflict and she’s never gone up against a force like the Duttons,” Perabo says. “They sort of work on so many levels. They’re in local government. They are in state government. They’re on the wrong side of the law. They are on the right side of the law and they’re in the community. They’re in the business community. They’re so pervasive and she’s never gone up against such a well-oiled machine as the Dutton family.”

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Summer accepts John’s offer to visit the ranch, but we don’t really know why. Is she going there to cause more trouble? Is she legitimately open to seeing a different side of industrialized farming? Perabo says there are fireworks in Summer’s future, especially when she meets Beth Dutton. But, the two tornados could also find common ground, bringing them together to take on Market Equities.

“It’s the protest that brings Summer there and it’s a protest that keeps her there but parts of the Dutton family also end up keeping her around,” she says. “Summer and Beth’s dynamic is one of the funniest relationships I have this season. Summer and Beth hate each other. And it just goes from bad to worse. Summer and Beth have enemies in common, and so there’s a chance for them to be on the same team while they have a common goal.”

We can’t wait to see the dynamic duo that these two ladies could form later this season.