‘Yellowstone’ Super Fan’s Truck Is Turning Heads in Texas

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“About the only difference is mine has wider side mirrors than the one on the show,” the owner says of his Yellowstone-branded Dodge.

This diehard has beaten Yellowstone‘s arrival in Texas for the show’s upcoming 6666 spinoff. Like so many of us Outsiders, super-fan Jeremy Hayhurst fell in love with the Modern Western. He was particularly taken with John Dutton’s black Dodge Ram, too. And now he has one of his own: a near-perfect match right down to the iconic decal on the doors.

“I saw that Dodge Dually and I joked ‘that’s my dream truck.’ Every time I saw it, I’d say ‘that’s my truck!” Hayhurst lauds for local KWTX.

From Waco to Belton and Temple, to most recently downtown McGregor, Yellowstone fans have been spotting and posting Hayhurst’s ride on social media. Most figure it’s a publicity stunt as Season 4 nears. Instead, it’s one hell of a fan living his best life.

“I used to be more of a sitcom type person but then someone told me about Yellowstone and I watched it and it took me a couple of episodes to get into it and then I was hooked,” he continues.

The iconic truck is a 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie short bed. After falling in love with the show, Jeremy would search for one of his own on a daily basis. His shot finally came in February of 2021 when a 2018 model – near identical to the 2013 – came up for sale in Texas.

“I asked if the truck was still available as it was only on the market for a day and I said ‘please don’t sell it. I’m on my way,” he recalls for the outlet.

This was no small promise, either. Texans will recall that February hosted the state’s historic, fatal ice storm. But Jeremy wouldn’t be deterred. He made the trip and got his truck.

“About the only difference is mine has wider side mirrors than the one on the show,” he cites.

‘Yellowstone’ Dodge Ram is Every Fan’s Dream

Once his dream truck was home, Hayhurst set about modifying it to resemble the iconic Yellowstone ride. And right as summer was rolling into fall, he was able to add the Yellowstone ‘Dutton Ranch’ decals onto the doors – each custom-made.

As you can imagine, this changed everything.

“The biggest question I get as soon as they pull up, man or woman, they ask ‘where is Rip?” Jeremy laughs of Cole Hauser’s fan-favorite character who most often drives the truck in the show. “Then they ask if I’m filming or part of the show and I just tell them ‘I’m a fan.”

Now, Jeremy can’t go anywhere without having his photo taken; even if it’s just for his beautiful Ram. Literally thousands of photos are popping up online of his truck in Texas. But as big a Yellowstone fan as he is, Hayhurst loves every minute of it.

“At night when I’m in it, I can see the flash of the camera going down the road,” he smiles.

It only adds to the joy his dream truck brings him. Let’s hope the Duttons’ Dodge survives Season 4 alongside its owners.