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‘Yellowstone’: The Surprising Theory That Ties Jamie’s Biological Dad to the Dutton’s

by Thad Mitchell

We are nearing the end of “Yellowstone’s” latest season, its fourth overall, and there are still numerous questions to be answered.

Since arriving in the third season, “Yellowstone” fans have wondered just what Garrett Randall is up to. It’s been clear this season that he has some kind of plan but we don’t know what is. We are introduced to Randall in a previous season as he is Jamie Dutton’s biological father. Jamie and Garrett form a bond almost immediately after their first meeting. They have grown quite a bit closer this season as their relationship continues to evolve. We don’t know what Randall’s endgame is in all of this but he is certainly pulling Jamie’s strings. Earlier this season, Randall confesses to Jamie that he is behind the attacks on the Dutton family. Not only that, but he also plans on taking another shot at the prominent Montana family. He also wants Jamie to challenge John Dutton in the race for the Montana Governor position.

In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans discuss theories regarding Garrett Randall and his potential relationship to the Duttons. Many fans believe there is a connection that has yet to be revealed through nearly four seasons. It certainly feels as if there is another shoe to drop before the current season comes to an end.

“What does everyone think about Jamie’s real dad being related to the Dutton’s?” a Redditor asks. “In the episode where John II passed away, he mentions something about another Dutton son that was an outcast? What are your thoughts?”

“Yellowstone” fans have plenty to say on this topic with hopes for a major reveal at the season’s end.

“One of the more popular theories is that John’s wife is Jamie’s moms sister,” another Redditor points out.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Conclusion is Just a Week Away

As much as we all hate to see it go, there are only two more “Yellowstone” episodes to go this season. Fans hope we get the answers we all crave regarding the relationship between Garrett Randal and John Dutton.

“Jamie’s mother might be a Dutton herself, “another fan speculates. “What if she’s John’s sister? There has to be some kind of familial connection for John to adopt the boy.”

Other fans are hoping for another resolution.

“I really hope there is no family connection because it seems like a cop-out,” another Redditor proclaims. “I still want Jamie’s birth mom to be part Native American, thereby giving him more of a claim to the land than the Duttons. The family connection is such low-hanging, obvious fruit.”

No matter how this situation plays out, it seems “Yellowstone” fans are in for a wild ride to the finish. Our next dose of modern western goodness comes tomorrow (Sunday).