‘Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan To Direct First Two Episodes of ‘1883: Bass Reeves’

by Jonathan Howard

In the upcoming series 1883: Bass Reeves, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is set to direct the first two episodes of the new show. Of course, it’s a spinoff of the wildly successful origin story, 1883. With Sheridan behind the camera and David Oyelowo prepared to portray the iconic lawman, it’s going to be an exciting story that Outsiders will want to watch.

Now, the story of Bass Reeves is more than just a Wild West story. It’s a story that inspired multitudes of stories in the Western genre. Seeing a serious series focused on the freeman turned lawman is very exciting if you’re a Western fan or a fan of history.

Right now, Sheridan’s main star is excited to get to work so closely on the pilot and second episode. “Th reality is that [Tyalor] is one of the best directors on the planet,” Oyelowo said to Deadline.

If Sheridan is behind it, then it’s going to be great. Being that it’s his Yellowstone universe, the attention to detail throughout the six-part series will be top-tier.

One of the best parts about this news is the fact that Oyelowo was at a dinner when he found out. At London’s Chiltern Firehouse for a Paramount event, the actor broke out his phone after telling those at his table the news. Of course, he had to show them how much of a skilled cowboy he’s becoming. His riding is apparently improving quickly.

Taylor Sheridan is a mastermind creatively and the Bass Reeves story is going to be in great hands in those first two episodes, especially. Oyelowo will join a list of big stars in the Sheridan-verse like Kevin Costner, Faith Hill as well as Tim McGraw, and Sylvester Stallone.

Why Does Taylor Sheridan Make Shows and Movies?

When it comes down to it, there’s one thing that you can say is Taylor Sheridan’s true passion. It’s the reason why he does the Hollywood thing. Writing movies and shows isn’t easy, but it pays the bills – the feed bills that is. Sheridan is obsessed with horses, many times using his own on-screen in order to ensure actor safety and authenticity.

“I just make movies to support my horse habit,” the showrunner said to Lee Cowan recently in an interview. It was a moment of reflection for the Yellowstone creator that has now built out multiple worlds through his partnership with Paramount. It feels like he has a new idea every other week.

Taylor Sheridan loves horses so much, that I’m convinced he’ll get Stallone on a horse for Tulsa King. If he could beat the Russias in the 80s, he can ride a horse. I can see it now. What do you think Outsiders? Can Sheridan teach any actor to rope and ride?