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‘Yellowstone’ Is Team ‘Bunkhouse for Life’ Ahead of Season 4 Premiere

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

In a drama full of fantastic atmosphere, few still manage to match Yellowstone‘s iconic bunkhouse. Paramount’s latest reel showcases exactly why ahead of Season 4.

Whatever you do, cowboys and girls, don’t toss your hat on the bed in the bunkhouse. You may not be superstitious (see Kayce Dutton’s reaction to such “sh*t” at the end of the reel), but while you’re in the bunkhouse – you play by bunkhouse rules. Well, unless you’re the bosses’ favorite son. Then you can do whatever you want. Like toss your wide brim on the bed.

From Teeter’s wildly aggressive “courting” of Colby, to the aftermath of our favorite ranchers finally receiving the ‘Y’ Brand, the rancher’s shared home has become as iconic as Yellowstone itself. And courtesy of Paramount’s latest showcase, it’s not hard to see why.

“Bunkhouse for life,” the show’s official Twitter account says of their latest Life According to entry. It’s an excellent series for fans, with the previous Life According to Teeter being another standout. But it’s all about the bunkhouse at large this time, ladies and fellas:

There’s so many gems within the Twitter reel that it’s hard to know where to start. Seeing the actual, insane sport that is “cowboy poker” appear in Yellowstone was a series highlight for Outsiders. Jimmy finally getting his first wide brim from the fellow boys is an undeniable feel-good moment, too. As is watching Rip and Lloyd try to decipher Teeter as a human being during their first meeting.

And at the heart of it all is the love these actors have for one another. The Yellowstone cast as a whole has bonded, but the bunkhouse gang has become like a family off-screen, as well.

‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates the Actors Behind the Bunkhouse

Fans know them as the “bunkhouse boys” – and we’re still waiting for their debut as the first Country boy band. But in reality, they’re Jimmy’s Jefferson White, Colby’s Denim Richards, and Ryan’s Ian Bohen .

Their friendship is a strong one, too. So strong, in fact, that much of their shenanigans on the bunkhouse set have actually made it into the show. But the behind-the-scenes looks are just as priceless, like when ‘Yellowstone’ asked the bunkhouse boys who’s the most “high maintenance” between them. It goes south quick – but in the best of ways.

Denim Richards seems the most self-aware of the Yellowstone bunch, as he votes for himself instantly upon hearing the question. Bohen puts in a vote for his handsome pal, too. But not Jefferson White. Nope. He’s got too much Jimmy in ’em.

“The highest maintenance? It’s me. I’m the high maintenance one,” White smirks.

“No! Absolutely not!” Richards fires back with a laugh. But it’s Ian Bohen who takes the cake for most priceless comeback:

“Jefferson doesn’t require anything. He is on the cusp of growing facial hair… Any year now. And he’s got perfect skin because he is seventeen.”

Gets me every time.

Thankfully, the Bunkhouse Boys will be back before we know it for Yellowstone Season 4’s two-episode premiere on November 7. And we can’t wait to see what they get up to next. So long as it’s not dying.