‘Yellowstone’ Teases Colby Getting Ready to Brawl in Season 4

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone is teasing Season 4’s rise of the ranch hands with this smoldering look at Denim Richard’s Colby, and fans are here for it.

“TWO. MORE. DAYS.” Yellowstone captions their new motion graphic on Instagram. It’s a familiar sight as we gear up for Sunday’s Season 4 premiere. Yet few other promos have hit fans the way this one is. And it’s all because of Colby.

Denim Richards‘ fan-favorite character is what he is for a reason. The cowboy brings an entirely different dynamic to Yellowstone than his castmates. We might not know much of anything about his past, but when you look this good – fans are less inclined to care about such things.

Take follower Alma T. for example, who’s hit hard by Colby’s smoldering look, confessing: “Dutton Ranch crew coming in hot” with a sweltering emoji. Is she right, or is she right? Feast your eyes, Colby fans:

The engagement is off the charts for this latest tease from Yellowstone, too. It’s at 139k likes and counting, and the comments are still pouring in.

As follower Gathy T. echoes in the Instagram comments: “Yellowstone makes me feel like a kid waiting to watch The Wizard of Oz or Christmas morning.”

“YOU. ARE. KILLING. ME. RIGHT. NOW.” adds fan Beth. Speaking of Beths, fellow fan Katy replies that “Beth better be alive or we’ll start going Dutton style on everyone!”

But it’s not all just talk or flashy graphics, either. Judging by Season 4’s main trailer, Colby is gearing up to go to work in the premiere. And by “work,” we mean bash some more skulls in.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Rise of the Ranch Hands

We’ve seen Colby in a fight numerous times. He seems a gentle soul, but one you’d never want on the opposite side of a fight, either. Whether smashing the heads of thugs in a local bar or throwing down with big-mouthed bikers on the borders of the Yellowstone, Colby doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

For the Season 4 trailer, Colby can be seen running into action on the Dutton Ranch as the assassination attempts on his employers continue to unfold. His close cohorts, Lloyd and Ryan, can be seen right alongside. Jen Landon’s Teeter is there, too, something that’s sure to excite fans who waited all the way through Season 3 for these two to hook up.

Through everything we’ve seen, it looks like Season 4 is set to put the Yellowstone ranch hands to work like never before. Give the trailer another watch below, and get prepared for all hell to break loose come Sunday, November 7’s Yellowstone Season 4 premiere.

Are you ready for this? The countdown continues. The highly-anticipated season 4 of Yellowstone will premiere on November 7, 2021, with a special two-hour event, exclusively on Paramount Network.

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