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‘Yellowstone’ Teases Intense Rip Wheeler Moment in Tonight’s Season 4, Episode 6 Preview

by Leanne Stahulak

Fan-favorite “Yellowstone” character Rip Wheeler has some thought decisions to make on tonight’s episode, based on the latest preview.

Rip acts not only as the foreman on the Dutton Ranch but also as John Dutton‘s go-to person for dirty work. He’ll take people “to the train station” when John or Rip think they deserve it, based on their words or actions. Some secrets gotta stay buried, no matter what.

So far, we’ve only seen Rip take bad people to the train station. But the latest “Yellowstone” preview shows Rip having a crisis about the latest job for him. WARNING! We’re discussing minor spoilers for “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 6 below, based on the preview trailer.

About midway through the preview, we see Lloyd talking to Carter in the barn. He tells the kid, “No room for outcasts like us in the bunkhouse.” The video quickly cuts to Lloyd simmering while watching Walker and the other ranch hands have the time of their lives. We know he won’t rest until either he or Walker is gone from the Dutton Ranch.

But for branded men like Lloyd or Walker, there’s only one route out of the ranch: The train station. In the preview, an unknown voice says, “This ends here. All of it.” Presumably, it’s John or maybe Kayce talking to Rip about the tension between Lloyd and Walker. Rip’s response should worry “Yellowstone” fans who’ve grown close to the people in the bunkhouse.

“I can’t ask you to do that. It’s my job. I’ll do it,” Rip says. In the video, we see him bracing his hands on a fence post while staring at the ground, shaking his head. He looks torn up, conflicted, possibly by what he has to do next.

Could he be taking Lloyd to the train station? We pray not, but we’ll have to wait until tonight to find out. In the meantime, check out the “Yellowstone” preview for yourself below.

What Else is Coming in Tonight’s ‘Yellowstone’ Episode?

The preview for tonight’s “Yellowstone” episode is full of huge moments. To start off, we see Jamie finally confront his father about ordering the hit on the Duttons. Even though Jamie holds a gun on Garrett Randall, the biological father still has the upper hand. “If you wanna shoot, shoot. It would be murder, but it wouldn’t be the first one you covered up,” he tells Jamie.

Could Jamie’s murder of the journalist back in Season 2 finally come to light? Or will Garrett’s blackmail be effective?

Also in the preview, we see Beth confronting Summer Higgins in the Dutton Ranch kitchen. And her telling someone else that she’s the “bad” that happens to good things. Whose lives are Beth looking to ruin now? Find out first here, Outsiders.