‘Yellowstone’ Teases Thomas Rainwater’s Plans in Season 4 by Highlighting Classic Moment with Mo

by Jon D. B.

“We love the partnership between Rainwater and Mo,” Yellowstone posts the show to their official Twitter Monday. Who doesn’t? Through the performances of Gil Birmingham and Mo Brings Plenty, these two have become television icons whose importance stretches far beyond the screen.

On Yellowstone, Rainwater and Mo have been through a tremendous amount together. Yet we still know precious little of both their backstories. There’s a ton more to unravel – we’ve truly only scratched the surface with these two. Thankfully, though, what we have seen has turned these two into an absolute highlight for the best show on television.

The latest scene Yellowstone‘s sharing exemplifies this. While the dialogue is strong as per usual, it’s the unspoken language between Thomas and Mo that sells everything.

“When there’s one thing that two men want, they can either share it, or be enemies,” Rainwater tells Mo in the Season 3 clip below. It’s a profound statement that’s followed by what could be huge implications for Yellowstone‘s future – especially Season 4.

“Are you suggesting we share it?” Rainwater asks. And this is where things get real interesting for Season 4.

“Suggesting things isn’t my job, Chairman. It’s yours,” Mo replies gently.

Will Broken Rock & Dutton Ranch Join Forces in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

It’s no secret that an alliance looks to be forming between the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch and Broken Rock Reservation.

Since pilot episode “Daybreak”, we’ve watched the child of both worlds, Tate Dutton, grow up. He’s a symbol of everything Montana could and should be in some’s eyes. He represents a real possible future for the Dutton empire. But while he’s a child, it’s just a fairy tale.

By Season 3’s explosive end, however, this age-old rivalry feels like it needs to be buried in the past. In every way, patriarchs Thomas and John continue to live firmly in said past. John’s son, Kayce, may have brought the patriarch a grandson who is the child of both worlds, but it hasn’t been until we’ve watched Thomas and John work together with our own eyes that we thought this future possible.

But now it is, and feels wholly necessary. It’s the only way both Yellowstone Ranch and Broken Rock will survive what’s coming.

As Rainwater’s moral compass, Mo will most likely serve as a key player in this, too. In addition, we see Mo is truly out for vengeance in the Season 4 trailer. He means business, and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring about “the greater good.”

In the end, it may very well come down to what Mo defines as this “greater good.” Because whether that’s joining forces and living in tandem with the Dutton settlers – or not – whatever Mo decides is most likely to be the final straw in persuading Thomas Rainwater to a cause.

We’ll find out come November 7 for Yellowstone Season 4 exclusively on Paramount Network(+).