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Is ‘Yellowstone’ Teasing Walker Bringing ‘Karma’ on the Ranch in Season 4?

by Jon D. B.
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Oh, Walker. What a web you’ve weaved on Yellowstone. Rumors are swirling that Ryan Bingham’s musical cowboy will make a troublesome return for Season 4. Does the show’s latest tweet confirm just that?

To Yellowstone fans, singer-songwriter & actor Ryan Bingham may be more familiar as ranch hand Walker. The lanky, dark bearded fella’ made himself unforgettable, after all, by making enemies out of the entire ranch. Luckily for Walker, Kayce Dutton spared his life at the last moment. This, however, is looking more and more likely to be a massive mistake.

Moreover, the Yellowstone crew must love Bingham. Bringing him back for that completely unexpected stage-laden return in Season 3 not only keeps him around – but sets up some potentially earth-shattering trouble for the Duttons – and Rip Wheeler – on the ranch moving forward. Could this all hint at Bingham – and the murderous knowledge he possesses of the Yellowstone ranchers – playing heavily into Season 4?

If Yellowstone‘s latest tweet is anything to go by – then the answer is a resounding yes.

“Karma comes in all shapes and sizes,” Ryan Bingham’s Walker states in the riveting scene. “Looks like it’s me today…”

We’re not sure “karma” is quite strong enough a word to describe what happens next in this episode. Anyone else feel it on their chest for a solid week after watching this sequence unfold? If not, then what kind of machine are you?

Walker’s Yellowstone Return Spells Big Trouble for Rip & The Duttons

What a rivalry. While Walker is far from a physical match for Rip Wheeler, the two have managed to build up an incredibly intense tango over the seasons.

Sharp fans will recall just how far back it all goes, too. First, Rip causes Walker to fall from his horse, fully intent on killing him. Yet as Rip rears his steed to run over Walker, Kayce Dutton steps in to save the man’s life. It wouldn’t be the last time, either, creating a triangle rivalry of sorts -with Kayce having several rounds of serious explaining to do to Rip.

Which, of course, leads us to Kayce taking Walker to the “train station” himself. Rip orders it – and Kayce denies him Walker’s death once again. The entire ordeal occurs with the understanding that Walker is to leave Montana and never return, Simba style. Walker, however, is on probation. He’s not allowed to the leave the state. So what now, Kayce?

Season 3 shows us there’s no getting rid of Walker. Right as we think the season is wrapping up, Rip and Lloyd head into a local bar, only to discover a very-alive Walker. Apparently, the weasel not only refuses to die – but is putting a music career together through it all.

Rip, of course, isn’t going to let this stand. He and Lloyd Kidnap Walker together – bringing him back to Yellowstone. And Kayce has some serious explaining to do.

So how long, exactly will Rip, Walker, and Kayce be able to coexist on the ranch before something – or everything – blows up in their faces? We have our theories.

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