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‘Yellowstone’: Teeter Actor Jen Landon Opens Up About Her Character’s ‘Aggressive’ Personality

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

There aren’t many Yellowstone fans out there that can’t appreciate Jen Landon‘s character, Teeter. She’s one of the hardest working members of the Dutton Ranch bunkhouse. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she’s hilarious, even if half of the amusement comes from her thick Texas accent since no one can understand half the things she says.

The most recent episode of “The Official Yellowstone Podcast” released earlier today with host Jefferson White (Jimmy). The fifth episode of the new podcast series features Landon, Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), and Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton). The three women joined the podcast to talk all things Yellowstone, and each discussed their portrayals of females in the modern West.

While speaking about Landon’s role on the show, White says that Teeter is the most aggressive ranch hand in a bunkhouse full of men. She swears more than any of them, hits on everyone, and doesn’t suffer fools. Teeter is about as unique as they come, but that’s also why fans love her.

“I had talked to [creator Taylor Sheridan], and she’s a dude in the traditional idea of what that is, right?” Landon explained. “And that is something I’m actually really comfortable with. Kind of leaning into that more aggressive sort of archetype in some way.”

The Yellowstone podcast host also compared Teeter’s untraditional female role to Beth Dutton. Each of the women are aggressive to say the least, albeit in different ways – except their penchant for using four-letter words.

“You and I had been talking before the podcast about Teeter being a strong character,” Landon said to White. “We were agreeing that Teeter is a strong female, but she’s nowhere near as strong as Beth, you know? But Beth, for me watching it, Beth is so iconically female in this really wonderful way that I as a person really like watching. It’s very powerful and very feminine, but again in this very traditional way.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Team Greatly Exaggerated Her Horse Riding Experience After Her Audition

During their same conversation on “The Official Yellowstone Podcast,” Jen Landon shared an amusing story about landing the Teeter role. Following her audition for the show, the casting department contacted Landon’s team about her joining the Yellowstone crew.

As fans of the hit Paramount series know well, the actors are frequently seen riding and working with horses. So casting wanted to gauge how much experience Landon has with the animals. Let’s just say her team embellished a bit.

“When I auditioned for the show, they reached out to my team and asked if I had horse riding experience. And I informed my team that I had ridden horses as a child, but not since then. And they told casting that I was a professional horseback rider,” Landon said as she and her co-star Jefferson White shared a laugh.