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‘Yellowstone’ Themed Bar From Show Creator’s Wife Looks Exactly Like Where Beth Dutton Would Grab a Drink

by Thad Mitchell
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Nicole Sheridan, wife of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, wants the show’s fans to see how she is living.

Nicole has become more active on social media with the fourth season of Yellowstone rapidly approaching. Most recently, Nicole shared some good news with fans of her husband’s modern western drama. She tells fans earlier this week that she will serve on the board of the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. It is a great honor for Sheridan, as she has previous experience as a real-life cowgirl. Taylor was selected to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame earlier this year.

On Tuesday, Nicole shares a photo of herself sitting atop a bar with a Yellowstone-style theme to it. She doesn’t go into great detail about the photo but one would think a Yellowstone bar would do quite well given the show’s immense popularity. It certainly looks like a nice spot to grab a cold one and has a nice “Beth Dutton-vibe” to it.

“Slowly but surely,” she writes in the post’s caption space. She also hashtags “cheers” in the caption, which is the universal sign for enjoying a cold beverage.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Take Notice of Nicole Sheridan Post

The post attracted numerous comments, including one from Yellowstone actress Jen Landon, who plays ranch hand, Teeter. It is safe to say that there is some excitement related to what the photo could mean.

There are some interesting details to be found in the photo for Yellowstone fans. For starters, check out the large, neon “Y” sign to the right of the photo. Another neon sign directly above Nicole reads “Nic’s,” which, of course, is short for Nicole. There are other odes to Yellowstone in the photo, including a pair of cowboy boots and what appears to be two shotguns inside of a glass seal on either side of the neon sign.

It certainly looks like the type of bar that a member of the Dutton family would visit for a good time. You can just imagine Beth Dutton moseying up to the bar and ordering the adult beverage of her choice.

Yellowstone fans are hopeful that Beth gets the opportunity for another drink with the way the previous season ended. The cowgirl’s fate is left very much up in the air after an explosion inside her office.

We are all holding our breath hoping that Beth is alive and well — and finds the entity behind the attacks on her family.