‘Yellowstone’ Theory Believes Beth May Have Already Won Biggest Battle

by Thad Mitchell

A new “Yellowstone” theory is making the rounds among the show’s enormous fan base and it might just hold some merit for the show’s future.

In season four, the always scheming Beth Dutton may have played a hand that will protect her father’s ranch for a long time. This “Yellowstone” theory comes straight from online forum site Reddit, which boasts a huge number of fans of the show. Fans of the hit Paramount Network series love to speculate on the future of the show and often share their theories on what is to come. Some theories are wild and way out there while others make total sense and aren’t hard to imagine actually happening.

This latest theory falls into the latter category. It involves Beth Dutton out scheming her former employer, investment group Market Equities. If you will recall, Beth agrees to work for Market Equities for a controlling share in her former employer, Schwartz and Meyer. Beth was fired from Market Equities late in season four but she may have already taken what she came for, as the Redditor points out.

“So you know how Beth bought a bunch of land through Schwartz and Meyer,” the thread starter says. “Well after she did all that and got fired from Schwartz and Meyer she then made the terms and conditions of being hired at market equities that she get controlling interest in Schwartz and Meyer. Does that mean that she now owns that controlling portion, even though she leaves market equities? So she now owns all the land around the Yellowstone? Does my logic make sense?”

It is an interesting observation and theory from the “Yellowstone” fans and one that seems to add up. It certainly seems Beth’s motive was to control Schwartz and Meyer.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Beth Dutton Theory on Forum Site

With “Yellowstone” currently on hiatus, fans of the hit series have flocked to Reddit for their modern western fix. Discussing and debating “Yellowstone” theories is a favorite pastime of the show’s robust fan base. Redditors had plenty to say about this Beth Dutton theory and its plausibility.

“She also told Bob (Schwarts) that he should have read the fine print,” another Redditor chimes. “I think it means that she has control over that property.”

If you recall, Beth marches down to Schwartz and Meyer headquarters and fires Bob Schwartz shortly after gaining Caroline Warner’s controlling interest.

The big question is does Beth still retain control of Schwartz and Meyer after departing from Market Equities. Some “Yellowstone” watchers believe this is the ultimate play by Beth and she will not have control of the land surrounding “Yellowstone” Ranch.

“So she now owns the better part of a business and can make lots of money like Bob,” another Reddit user claims. “And she could, if she wanted, expand the Yellowstone.”