‘Yellowstone’ Theory About ‘Imposter’ Rip Gaining Steam With Fans Ahead of Season 4

by Thad Mitchell

We are officially two weeks away from the return of our favorite show, the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

Fans of the modern western drama are elated that the end of our long wait is nearly here. “Yellowstone” lovers have also kept themselves entertained by taking to various sites to discuss their beloved show. Message board forum sites like Reddit and social media pages like Instagram are full of “Yellowstone” fans. These fans love to discuss their theories, speculation, and predictions for the upcoming new season.

Much like a child waiting out Christmas, “Yellowstone” fans are digging deep in order to speed up the time. The creativity in some of the theories is simply astonishing. A bored “Yellowstone” fan can dream up just any scenario, including the one we are about to discuss.

Ready for a real doozy, “Yellowstone” fans?

In a theory that has been brought up before, some “Yellowstone” fans think there is a Rip Wheeler imposter on the loose. Yes, that’s right — a fake Rip Wheeler out there in the “Yellowstone” universe. What is this imposter Rip doing out there in the world? No one really knows but some fans are convinced they’ve spotted the fake in recently released teaser trailers promoting season four.

In a recent Reddit thread, a fan shares a photo comparing the actual Rip Wheeler to imposter Rip Wheeler. Take a look and tell us what you think.

To be fair, the two photos shared by the fan show Rip and his supposed imposter and there are also some subtle differences. The Redditor goes on to explain what they have found in the “Yellowstone” trailer and their theory.

“I recorded one of the trailers on my phone, so I could review each frame,” the Reddit user says.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan thinks a Fake Rip Wheeler Is on the Loose

The Redditor goes even deeper into their theory in an effort to convince fellow fans of fake Rip.

“You can see the lines that come from the nose, are different,” the fan says. “The trailer Rip, the lines go around cheekbones, our Rip’s go down towards the corner of his mouth. For the beard, trailer Rip’s beard is dark, full, and the edges are really defined. But our Rip’s isn’t. Look at how the beard looks under the lips. Once again trailer Rip’s is too dark, full and edges are too defined and aren’t the same shape.”

While this “Yellowstone” theory may prove to be true or untrue, this is some sound detective work. But, what is imposter Rip’s motive?

“I think trailer Rip is someone dressed up to look like our Rip, to frame him for something and to get onto the ranch,” the fan continues. “I think it is trailer Rip who punches Lloyd, and maybe even the one hanging.”

The most obvious question here is what should we name imposter Rip Wheeler? How about “Whip Reeler?”

The fourth and latest “Yellowstone” will premiere on November 7.