‘Yellowstone’: This Dedicated Fan Took His Truck to a Whole New Level

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

A Yellowstone fan has gone all out for the show as he decked out his truck. Look, this will make John Dutton smile, too. Imagine just loving a show so much that you want to express it uniquely. We think that this Yellowstone fan has done just that indeed. Taking his all-black truck and decking it out with a Montana Livestock Association logo. Hmm, does this make some type of statement? Heck, he’s probably just letting passers-by know that this show is so good and he loves it so much.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Earns Some Comments For Look Of His Truck

Some fans shared their thoughts in a thread on Reddit after seeing this picture. One writes: “I am waiting for Dodge to come out with a Yellowstone edition.” Another one replies: “Nope, just a King Ranch Ford with Cayman Alligator seats.”

This Yellowstone fan does have some doubts about the legitimacy of the picture. The Redditor writes: “If that’s not a legit one, couldn’t that be construed as impersonating an officer of the law? Like riding a Shamu-patterned car.” Well, that’s a pretty solid look from a fan of the show. Just think about the time and money it took to get that done. We wonder what the show’s cast would think about seeing the truck’s new look.

Now, Yellowstone has been getting accolades for its work. Taylor Sheridan keeps on creating series after series. With this taking place, there are bound to be awarded more for the show. The latest one is from the 58th annual Cinema Audio Society (CAS) awards.

TV Show Recently Received Award For Season 4’s Opening Episode

The show was awarded in the Television Series – One Hour category. Yellowstone nabbed it for the Season 4 opener titled Half the Money. The show’s production team received them and these honors included production mixer Andrejs Prokopenko; re-recording mixer Diego Gat (CAS); re-recording mixer Samuel Ejnes (CAS); Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) mixer Michael Miller (CAS), and ADR mixer Chris Navarro (CAS).

If you remember that Season 4 opener, then you recall seeing John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, blooded and with bullets inside him. We also saw Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, stagger out after an explosion in her office. Man, she’s all marked up with scratches, bruises, and blood. But she manages to bum off a cigarette before going to see her father in the local hospital. We also get our first introduction to Carter, played by Finn Little.

This season opener was filled with action and its fair share of adventure. But Yellowstone has a great knack for blending storylines throughout episodes. As someone who started watching it in Season 4, it was entertaining and kept me on edge.