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Paramount Promises ‘Yellowstone’ Franchise Season, Taylor Sheridan Original Series Season Each Year

by Taylor Cunningham
Yellowstone John Dutton
(Kevin Costner as John Dutton/Paramount Network Press)

We have amazing news for Taylor Sheridan fans, Paramount Media Network just announced that it will be dropping at least one new season for at least two of his originals every year for the foreseeable future, and one of those shows will belong to the Yellowstone universe.

While speaking to Vulture, Paramount’s CEO Chris McCarthy gave details about all of Sheridan’s content and dropped the news about the expanding and continuing Yellowstone world.

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“So each year, we’re going to be launching at least one Yellowstone franchise as well as one complementary series,” he said. “We did a lot of research and deep dives into what is the essence of what makes Yellowstone work.  And really, at its core, it’s family dynamics, it’s power dynamics. It’s a little bit of corruption, but under the core, it’s family above all else. Mayor of Kingstown is a great example of that and so is Tulsa King. “

As McCarthy continued, he explained that Sheridan’s projects all have similar themes but wildly different plots, which means that fans of one show are immediately drawn to the others. The award-winning creator also manages to land “big movie stars” in the leads. For all those reasons, his shows are “delivering huge numbers.”

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With Sheridan’s popularity, Paramount is dedicated to keeping his content rolling, and McCarthy hopes to overdeliver on his promises.

“Our goal is always to have at least two [series or season premieres] every year, but we’re already ramping out well above that. So, 2021 was Mayor of Kingstown and 1883 and last year was 1923 and Tulsa. This year alone, it’s going to be a second season of 1923, it’s going to be Lioness and Bass Reeves — and that’s just on the streaming space. In linear space, we have Yellowstone and we’ll have a brand new Yellowstone universe series.”

Currently, Sheridan has four shows running, Yellowstone, Mayor of Kingstown, 1923, and Tulsa King. He also concluded the first of the Yellowstone prequels, 1883, last year.

Moving forward, the creator has six confirmed series in the works. In the Yellowstone franchise, he has 1944 and 6666 on the horizon. His separate projects include 1883: Bass Reeves, Lioness, Land Man, and Fast.

While McCarthy is willing to confirm a world with constant Sheridan content, he’s not willing to confirm more Yellowstone spinoffs, but he by no means discounted the possibility. In fact, during his chat, he added more fuel to the rumors that Matthew McConaughey could get his own Dutton show.

“With Taylor, creativity is endless, and we’re thinking through all of those different options and excited about many of them. And I will say, we love Matthew McConaughey. We’ve always been big fans of his,” he continued. “We’d love for the opportunity to work together.”

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