’Yellowstone’ Trends on Twitter Before Episode 3: Here’s Why

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kevin Costner as John Dutton/Paramount Network Press)

“Yellowstone” is back with another new episode tonight, Sunday, Nov. 20, and the series is already trending on Twitter hours before it airs. Last week featured an intense premiere: Beth versus Jamie, John Dutton as Governor, Monica and Kayce’s incredible tragedy, and so much more. Now, we’re chomping at the bit for episode 3, wondering what craziness is going to happen next.

As for Twitter, let’s take a look and see what fans are saying ahead of the new episode on social media. First, the official “Yellowstone” and Paramount Network Twitter pages have been hyping the show up since last week. They post photos and previews of the show, and even a recap of the last few episodes of season 4 and how they relate to season 5.

The official “Yellowstone” Twitter also reposted a piece from the Hollywood Reporter on the record-breaking viewership of the premiere. They thanked the fans, ending with the hashtag #LetsGoToWork.

What are the fans saying, though? Most comments were fairly positive, but there are still many critical responses as well. A lot of fans were continually not happy with Monica and her victimization. Some believe the show is continuing to traumatize Tate as well. Additionally, there was one person who commented on the number of animals killed in the first two episodes.

“I enjoy [“Yellowstone”] but then 36 animals die in 12 minutes and all serotonin leaves my body,” they commented. There were also comments about Beth. Megan Garber from The Atlantic said, “Beth Dutton, one of the worst people in the callous world of ‘Yellowstone,’ is also one of the best characters on TV.”

What Are People Saying About ‘Yellowstone’ Ahead of the Third Episode?

Continuing to discuss fan reactions, there were many comments about Monica in particular. “How much better of a storyline would it have been if Monica were killed in the accident not baby John?” one fan commented, discussing the car accident in the premiere episode. “I am so sick of her stupid behavior whining and victim mentality her stupidity nearly killed Tate also.”

“[‘Yellowstone’] really made it their priority to [make] Monica the stupidest character on the show,” said another fanAnother person wrote, “Literally still mad. Why couldn’t they have killed off Monica and let baby John survive?” It seems like fans really want Monica off the show.

There was also criticism of the streaming service itself. A lot of fans were disappointed that the season premiere was only available on the Paramount Network on cable. It wasn’t available to watch on Paramount+ or Peacock, where previous seasons are located.

“Imagine how many viewers [‘Yellowstone’] would gain if you didn’t have to sign up for 3 different streaming services and jump through hoops to watch it,” one person commented. There was a lot of criticism surrounding the premiere because some people weren’t able to watch it outside of cable channels.