‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Truth About a Rumored 5th Season

by Thad Mitchell

As fans patiently, or more accurately, impatiently wait for the upcoming fourth season of Yellowstone, some are speculating on the show’s long-term plans.

The Paramount Network has built a large and loyal fan base that simply cannot get enough of the modern Western Drama. Yellowstone, currently on hiatus, is the Paramount Network’s top ratings draw by a significant margin. The show is doing so well that two spinoff series are in the works with Y:1883 and 6666. The ratings giant is the growing network’s top draw and looks likely to maintain that spot.

The fourth season of the hit show is drawing near with a premiere date likely this summer. While no official date for the start of the season is out, the month of June looks like a strong possibility. Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the show with the end of the third season leaving more questions than answers.

While the fourth season is a full go with filming all but complete, some are looking ahead and wondering about the fifth season. Rumors began swirling recently that a fifth season has the green light to proceed. While that may very well be the case, Paramount has yet to release anything official on a fifth Yellowstone season.

Yellowstone Season Five Speculation Is Hot Topic

The source of the rumors appears to be a brief article from the website SpoilerTV. The three-sentence article claims Yellowstone has been “quietly” renewed for a fifth a season. The story goes on to say filming for the fifth season is set to begin this July and promises an official press statement in the future when available.

The article made its way onto various social media and message forum sites, such as Reddit, where it gained traction. Hoping for the news to be true, Yellowstone fans took the story and ran with it. The subreddit containing the article got quite a bit of attention from diehard fans. The excitement from the renewal speculation is evident in the number of “upvotes” the thread took in on Reddit.

While there is likely to be a fifth season of Yellowstone, the truth is that there is no official word from Paramount. Speculatory rumors around the internet are the best we have for now. Once the network decides to release information on a potential fifth season, you can bet there will be an eruption of joy from the show’s massive fan base.

Until then, we suggest kicking back and enjoying the upcoming fourth season. With the new season now just months away, fans won’t have to wait much longer for their Yellowstone fix.