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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are 3 of the Major Female Characters Going to Join Forces in Season 4?

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Will Yellowstone season four bring together the three major female character characters and make an unstoppable girl gang?

No, we are not talking about Teeter, Monica, or the Buckle Bunnies.

We are talking about the other big three. The bad*ss three. The women who scare grown men. That would be Beth Dutton, Angela Blue Thunder, and Willa Hayes. And no, we don’t foresee these three joining forces considering they each want the valley for themselves.

Don’t worry. We will break it down.

Beth Dutton: Team Yellowstone

First, Beth Dutton is a bear you definitely do not want to poke. She can end your career, insult your mother, and buy your house just to kick you out in a matter of minutes. She is that good, and Beth Dutton is someone you do not want to mess with. Even Willa Hayes comments on her abilities, saying Market Equities should hire her.

Beth, however, doesn’t care about the land. She doesn’t care if the Yellowstone ranch was completely leveled and every last shred of grass was covered in concrete. The reason Beth Dutton fights so hard for the Yellowstone property is because her father asked her to. And for him, she would move a mountain. Therefore Beth Dutton is fighting to keep the land and its power exactly where it is.

Angela Blue Thunder: Team Reservation

Next, we have Angela Blue Thunder, who is fighting on behalf of the Broken Rock Reservation. Although we are not sure what her true capabilities are, we assume they coincide with Beth because Mo and Thomas Rainwater refer to her as a devil and burn sage when she is around.

Angela hopes that the Yellowstone will one day be part of the reservation and is currently suing Market Equities for all the negative effects an airport would have on the land. Furthermore, she warns Rainwater that if he wants something done, he needs to start playing dirty like everyone else. One might take her suggestion as Angela telling the Chief that he needs to start killing. On a lethal scale, she also ranks pretty high.

While Beth and Angela have sort of joined forces, Angela likely cannot be trusted by the Duttons, and Beth may not be breathing. We will see how that plays out.

Willa Hayes: Team Market Equities

Finally, we have Willa Hayes with Market Equities. While Willa may scares us less than Beth and Angela, she may also prove to be very deadly. As far as we know, we assume that she orchestrated the attack on Beth, Kayce, and John Dutton. Willa thought that when she got to Montana, the people were going to just roll over and let them buy the land. However, they were sorely mistaken. She tells Roarke that they need to start treating this deal as “if it were an oil deal in Yemen.”

After Beth comes after Willa’s career with an internal scandal, Willa decides it’s time to no longer hold back. She intends to drop over half a billion dollars to buy the land from the Dutton and then turn their massive property into an airport where a town and ski resorts would quickly follow suit.

Don’t get us wrong, we would never want to go head to head with any of them, but who out of the three will come out as victorious? Yellowstone season four will air in June.