‘Yellowstone’ TV Actor Denim Richards Says ‘Time for Ultimate Creativity and Preparedness’ in New Thought-Provoking Post

by Thad Mitchell

As a cowboy on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” Denim Richards works at one of the country’s largest cattle ranches on the series.

The “Yellowstone” star has been a fixture on the show since the first season and his role continues to grow. Richards plays ranch hand, Colby, on the show and his character is part of the bunkhouse crew. Last season, we see Colby gain a love interest in fellow ranch hand Teeter. Richards also plans to factor into the upcoming new season as he becomes a favorite among “Yellowstone” fans.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Denim Richards is an actor whose star is on the rise. As many young actors do, Richards uses social media to engage and interact with fans and followers. He often posts thought-provoking messages, encouraging social media users to think for themselves. He also posts positive messages in hopes of brightening the day of his fans. His latest social media post came early Sunday morning. His Twitter post took in a lot of attention from his fans and “Yellowstone” watchers.

“This is a time for ultimate creativity and preparedness as we are in a time where you have to plan for two lives,” he says in the social media post. “The life you have been working for and the life your government forces you to have.”

“Yellowstone” fans and other social media users were quick to respond to Richard’s Sunday morning tweet. One particular response asks the actor to clarify the post’s meaning.

Fans Respond to the ‘Yellowstone’ Star’s Message

“I enjoy your performance on Yellowstone,” a fellow Twitter user says. “I just don’t get your Tweets. They feel like I’m seeing half of a conversation.”

Other fans thank the actor for his thought-provoking words and return the fave, wishing Richards a pleasant day.

“Truth,” another fan and Twitter user proclaims. “Have a blessed day.”

With the news that “Yellowstone” will return later this year, fans of the modern western drama are celebrating. Show creators announced just weeks ago that season four will finally arrive during the fall season. While not the news they may have wanted, fans are definitely excited to finally have a timeframe in place.

Many “Yellowstone” fans are curious to see what the future holds for Denim Richards’ character. Colby is introduced in the first season as a Yellowstone Ranch hand but was more of a minor character. That could change in the upcoming new season as Colby now has an interesting storyline to follow.

Fans definitely want to see more of Colby and Teeter and where their relationship will take them. In one of the more unlikely romances on “Yellowstone,” the couple discover their feeling for each other late in season three. We also see both Colby and Teeter earn their “Yellowstone” brands after participating in the murder of Wade and Clint Morrow.

The sky is the limit for Richards and Colby — and fans can’t wait to where the path takes them.