‘Yellowstone’ TV Actor Wes Bentley Revealed Whether or Not He Empathizes with Jamie Dutton

by Jon D. B.

In this tell-all Yellowstone Season 3 interview, Jamie Dutton’s Wes Bentley finally revealed if he identifies with any part of his slippery character.

So far, we’ve touched on Wes Bentley’s thoughts on Jamie’s journey through Seasons 1-3 of Yellowstone, how he can’t seem to “let go” of his loyalty to a toxic family, and if he feels his Dutton son will ever earn the love of his father through his fascinating sit-down with Daily Caller.

For the rest of Bentley’s chat with the trade, the actor goes even deeper. Outsider has always been curious if the actor feels any sort of personal connection to Jamie. Or, more specifically, if he has any sort of true-to-life empathy for the way his Dutton son… behaves.

In short: Are there any real-life experiences that lend themselves to Bentley portraying Jamie so effortlessly?

Well, we have our answer – straight from the horse’s mouth.

“Yeah…” the Yellowstone star hesitates of the topic at first. “But… I can do that with pretty much anybody,” he offers. Spoken like a true actor. Thankfully, he doesn’t stop there.

Of his “yeah,” Bentley quickly clarifies that Jamie’s actions and history “aren’t something that I necessarily understand; or why he is the way that he is.”

Understood. We wouldn’t want to be Jamie Dutton, either. Hell, Jamie Dutton doesn’t want to be Jamie Dutton. So how does Bentley go about inhabiting such a slippery gent?

“Often, my first rule in acting is – the first thing I can never do is judge my character,” he says. “If I judge my character, then I’m going to play the judgement and not the character.”

Take notes, fellow actors!

Wes Bentley the Actor Meets ‘Yellowstone’s Jamie Dutton at ‘Inadequacy’

“I try to avoid that,” Bentley continues of judging Jamie’s endlessly-judgable actions. “So it makes my feelings about my character often very… Complicated,” he laughs. Why, whatever for, Wes Bentley?

“It’s hard for me to know, sometimes, what is mine; what I tapped into, versus what is just Jamie’s,” he caps off the statement. Finally, however, the Yellowstone star rolls around to a true answer.

“I mean, a sense of inadequacy is not uncommon for anybody. And I certainly have my own senses of inadequacy,” the actor reveals. This is where Wes Bentley meets Jamie Dutton.

“That’s the main thing I link into with Jamie, yeah.”

But this inadequacy, he clarifies, has nothing to do with his “own family.”

“My own family was never like that. But I have it with other aspects of my life, and can sort of link those two together from my personal experience.”

We’re glad to hear Bentley never suffered the sort of family the Duttons are. We love ’em, but man… Talk about A+ for dysfunction and emotional scarring.

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