‘Yellowstone’ TV Actress Kylie Rogers Lands New Role in Joaquin Phoenix Film

by Suzanne Halliburton

Kylie Rogers, who plays a younger version of Beth Dutton when Yellowstone does flashbacks, is joining a new project.

She was added to the cast of Disappointment Blvd. Academy-award winner Joaquin Phoenix stars in the movie. Broadway stars Nathan Lane and Patti LuPone also joined the cast, as did Oscar nominee Amy Ryan. It’s already an impressive cast. There’s not much known about the movie, other than its Phoenix’s first big project after winning an Academy Award for Joker. Deadline reports that, unlike past Phoenix projects, it’s not a horror movie. Rather, it’s described as centering on the expansive life of a super-successful entrepreneur.

Rogers, 17, has appeared on four episodes of Yellowstone as a younger Beth. Obviously, she’s only in flashbacks. On the show, she’s been in episodes called No Good Horses, A Monster is Among Us, Touching Your Enemy and Cowboys and Dreamers.

So, Yellowstone fans, that’s your news of the day. Fans are agonizing over anything related to season four. There still hasn’t been a preview or even a premiere date. In a story earlier Monday, Outsider show expert Jon D.B. speculated clues indicate that maybe the show will kick off season four on July 4th. Sounds doable, right? Outsider reported:

No matter which way we spin it – something is up. Paramount is up to something with Yellowstone Season 4. And if this author’s gut is to go by, then we’re in for a huge surprise reveal before Summer 2021’s end.

One fan on Reddit noticed that Paramount + is about to do another Yellowstone marathon starting on July 3. That’s a Saturday.

Father’s Day Passed with No Yellowstone Premiere

What’s so unsettling for fans? Father’s Day. Usually, Yellowstone premieres on Father’s Day. It’s a tradition. But Father’s Day was Sunday. That passed with no official mention of what John Dutton and family are up to on the show. Yes, Yellowstone fans are feeling gutted. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed back filming of the show, but surely there’s been enough time for Kevin Costner and company to have finished up all the loose ends.

Plus, there is concern that the upcoming Olympics might be pushing back the show. NBC and its network of channels will be showing around-the-clock coverage from Tokyo starting July 23 and running through Aug. 8. Typically, competing networks don’t try to premiere anything during the Olympics, since the entire world focuses on swimming, track and gymnastics for two-plus weeks. So who knows.

Meanwhile, Kelly Reilly, who plays the grown Beth Dutton, is impressing Yellowstone fans with stunning photos posted on her Instagram account. Last week, she showed off a photo featuring herself and her dog riding in a boat at sunset. That’s a nice way to spend time waiting for a premiere. Even Kevin Costner clicked like.

And the mention of Beth probably brings out anxiety in Yellowstone fans. They don’t know if she’s still alive. Season three ended with a package bomb detonating in Beth’s office. So stay tuned to Outsider and its Yellowstone channel.