‘Yellowstone’ TV: Who Actually Beat Up Beth Dutton in Season 2?

by Halle Ames

Beth Dutton has been through the wringer throughout the Yellowstone series, but probably one of Beth’s most notable scenes came in season 2.

Throughout most of the second season of Yellowstone, the Dutton’s dealt with both the Beck Brothers and Dan Jenkins, who eventually teamed up.

Beth Dutton is the “tornado” that stands in the way of everyone’s happy “trailer park” life of taking the ranch. Naturally, they need to get rid of her. Many have tried, and (potentially) all have failed.

The Attack on Beth Dutton Scene

One of the best attempts, however, came from two masked attackers armed with vests and guns. The assassins walk into Beth’s office when her assistant attempts to stop them. Beth quickly and calmly texts Rip, “Office help.”

Beth grabs her small knife and fires a round of insults at the men. When one picks her up by the neck, she vigorously stabs him five times before he punches her to the other assassin.

Beth manages to stab this man in the leg as he throws her to the ground. She painfully undergoes another round of punches to the face and kicks to the body that knocks her unconscious.

The video cuts away to Rip, barreling down the highway in his truck. He attempts to call Beth Dutton, but it goes to voicemail.

Meanwhile, back in the office, both Beth and her assistant Jason have guns to their head and are severely beaten and bloody.

“Jason! Look at me!” screams Beth Dutton. “They want to see you scared. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Look at me! Don’t give it to them.”
Jason begins to cry.
“We don’t care if he is scared,” states the attacker. “We’re here to scare you.”
“Best of f**king luck,” replies Beth.


The assassin turns and shoots Jason in the head, killing him.

One of the armed men starts to fade from his stabs in the neck.

The other pistol whips Beth Dutton in the head as she sinks to the floor. The masked man picks her up and lays her on the table to rape her. After Beth fires a colorful round of insults to his masculinity, he holds a gun to her head and tells her to be scared.

Typically, Beth is not and taunts the man to pull the trigger.

*Rip Wheeler Enters the Chat*

Rip heroically enters the office by shattering the glass with a chair. The man shoots Rip three times, but our beloved cowboy is unphased. Rip then disarms him and swiftly shoots the injured assassin, and gouges the other’s eyes out. He repeatedly slams his head on the floor until he is lifeless.

Beth can’t let Rip have all the fun. She grabs a sizable glass vase and starts beating the dead man over the head with it.

John and Kayce arrive on the scene to clean up the mess while a doctor takes Rip to his office to cauterize his gunshot wounds.

“Return to Sender”

The next morning, we see Malcolm Beck going about his morning routine and pouring a cup of coffee. When he walks to his living room, he is greeted with a gory surprise hanging outside his window.

The two masked men are now naked and covered in blood as they dangle by their hands. A knife is in the chest of one with a note attached that says “RETURN TO SENDER.”

Beth may not have been scared, but we are fairly certain Malcolm Beck is.

The Beck brothers meet their maker not many episodes after this. One even was shot on the porcelain throne. Not the most ideal way to go out.

At the finale of season three, Beth continues to have bad luck in her office when her new assistant opens a bomb that detonates with both of them just feet away.

In June of 2021, we will find out if Beth Dutton’s luck has run out or is she truly immortal.