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Yellowstone TV: All About ‘Mia’ Actress Eden Brolin’s Band, Atta Boy

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SCAD)

Not only does Eden Brolin rock onscreen as Mia, Jimmy White’s love interest on Yellowstone. She’s rocking in real life, as well.

Mia may be able to crush the barrel-racing competitions at rodeos on the TV show, but Eden is on her own ride as the lead singer in an otherwise all-boy band.

Eden Brolin and Atta Boy

Eden Brolin is part of the alternative indie-rock band Atta Boy. The group recently released its newest album. The band’s sophomore record Big Heart Manners came out at the end of 2020 after the group’s eight-year hiatus.

“While the album is an alt-folk-Indie release, it has strong shades of country, whether the pedal steel that wraps itself around Brolin’s vocals like a string of lights around a Christmas tree on “Devoted,” or the vocals themselves on “Corpus,” where her accent comes through strongly,” states Folk Radio’s review of Big Heart Manners.

The singer creates a country twang with her vocals in the most recent album, giving Atta Boy a newly refreshed and unique sound. This discovery may relate back to Eden’s performance on the hit Western show. Her role as Mia has opened up a whole new fanbase for the actress and singer. It’s also drawn more awareness to the band.

The Release of a New Album and Its Change in Sound

Atta Boy is made up of high school friends with Brolin as the lead singer. The other members of the four-piece band include guitarist Freddy Reish, keyboardist Dashel Thompson, and drummer Lewis Pullman. Fresh out of college, the group’s first album Out of Sorts was released in 2012.

“[For our first album] we weren’t very emotionally mature,” says Brolin during an interview with Audio Femme, citing all the growing up the band did following the first album is a major creative driver of this new LP. “There was something about that flip-flop and taking risks in either direction and seeing the growth in something even though you put it down for a while.”

Atta Boty currently has around 160,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Since 2012, they’ve gained 12 million total streams from around the world.

A Third-Generation Actor

Eden comes from a long line of Hollywood icons. Her grandfather is James Brolin, an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor, who’s married to the one-and-only Barbara Streisand. Josh Brolin is her father. The actor has been involved in a number of popular films, such as No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, True Grit, as well as acting as Thanos in the Marvel Comics movies.

Therefore, it’s no surprise Eden exudes talent both onscreen and off. Previous to her role as Mia on Yellowstone, she acted on the Freeform series Beyond, starring alongside Diane Lane.

Eden’s Role on Yellowstone

There are similarities between Brolin and her character on the TV show. Both are striving for success in an intense field.

“Barrel racers are incredible women and a little bit out of their minds for choosing a career like barrel-racing because it’s fast and it’s crazy,” Eden says.

On Yellowstone, Mia and Jimmy, played by Jefferson White, share a loving relationship as two of the “Bunkhouse” members.

“I think he looks up to her,” actor Jefferson White admits. “He feels challenged by her. He feels deeply intimidated by her. And those are all ways in which he sort of can believe in her as this whole other life.”

Rockin’ and Rollin’ in the Entertainment Industry

Jimmy may look up to Mia on the show, but fans can also look up to the actress who portrays the character. Eden Brolin represents real strength by following her dreams in both her acting and musical career.

“I don’t want to say that acting was something that I felt resigned to,” says Brolin says in an interview with Parade. “I was willing to explore it and continue being in the frame of mind where I have other things that I’ve enjoyed doing.”

“This is something that has continued to fall into place for me, and I’m allowing that to happen,” she adds.

Eden is looking fearlessly into the future in all aspects of the entertainment industry.