‘Yellowstone’ TV: All the Evidence Pointing to Monica Dutton’s Season 4 Death

by Jon D. B.

In Yellowstone‘s active online community, Monica Dutton is a character that comes up more often than not. She is, after all, caught in the middle of everything as kin of both the Broken Rock Indian Reservation and the Dutton empire. Yet it’s exactly this constant crossfire that has fans wondering how long Monica will survive into Season 4, let alone Season 5 or beyond.

While the character, played by Kelsey Asbille, has proven herself a fighter in Season 3 – this only adds fuel to the fire. It’s certainly been a nice change of pace to have Monica take an active role in her own destiny, but with her newfound bravery has come a brash recklessness.

And it’s not just her own decisions placing her in the line of fire, either. Far from it. Her husband, Kayce Dutton, is not only a former Navy SEAL, but a government livestock agent, and back into the heart of his father’s dangerous Yellowstone Ranch affairs. In short: he gets shot at a lot.

Monica is fully aware of the danger this poses to her and their son, Tate, as well. We’ve seen this play out heavily throughout the first seasons, with Monica even choosing to leave Kayce with Tate at one point for the safety of Tate.

In addition, some viewers are struggling to connect with Monica, too. On Reddit’s active Yellowstone board, a top commenter feels she’s “definitely a bland character.”

“I do not hate her,” they continue, citing that “she could have been interesting but the writing for her is bad.”

‘Yellowstone’s Monica Dutton: One Too Many Close Calls?

Couple this with all of Monica’s own close calls, such as her severe school-place injury before her and Kayce’s split, and Monica’s days on Yellowstone begin to feel numbered.

On top of it all – regardless of whether Kayce is alive after the insane Season 3 finale -what is to happen to her and Tate? We’ve seen Tate suffer greatly for the deeds of his forefathers. What’s to stop whoever wants Kayce dead from using his family against him again?

Kayce can, and does, take care of himself – and his family whenever he can. Monica and Tate, however, are highly vulnerable. He can’t be there for them 24/7, no matter how badly he wants to.

As a result, Monica will either continue her brash behavior alongside Kayce, or the family will have to pick up and move away from their Dutton kin. Whichever they choose, though, still spells danger.

While we have no official word on Kelsey Asbille’s role in Yellowstone Season 3, her storyline is woven deep into the fabric of the show. We expect her to return alongside Luke Grime’s Kayce Dutton and Brecken Merrill’s Tate.

Color us highly intrigued to see where this Dutton family unit heads in Yellowstone Season 4.