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‘Yellowstone’ TV Announces Cole Hauser’s Latest Movie ‘The Last Champion’ Will Follow 4th of July Marathon

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone has announced the broadcast premiere of Cole Hauser’s The Last Champion will follow their 4th of July marathon!

“Our weekend #YellowstoneTV marathon concludes with the broadcast premiere of @ColeHauser‘s “The Last Champion.” Don’t miss it: Monday at 10pm ET, only on @ParamountNet,” the show’s official Twitter posts Wednesday.

Now fans have even more Rip Wheeler-goodness to tune in for on Paramount Network this Fourth! Well, Cole Hauser-goodness, more aptly, but to us Outsiders they’re one and the same. Both made of pure excellence.

Within, Yellowstone delivers a full 30-second, Cole Hauser-centric teaser for their “July 4th Every Episode Celebration.”

A highlight comes as the editing cuts directly from Hauser in character as Rip Wheeler to his clean-shaven John Wright of The Last Champion. Talk about a 180!

Is that You, Rip? ‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Finds Sports Drama Success with ‘The Last Champion’

Don’t worry, Yellowstone fans, Cole Hauser keeps the beard for most of the film. Sort of.

It’s no secret that Cole Hauser is hotter than ever right now. Which may baffle the star quite a bit, as he’s been in Hollywood sleepers and blockbusters alike for decades now.

Thanks to the wild success of Paramount’s Yellowstone, however, Hauser has taken on a whole new life. From being named as one of PEOPLE‘s “Sexiest Men Alive” in 2020 to driving the unforeseen success of The Last Champion, the actor is gearing up to redefine his generation of performers.

As for The Last Champion, the youth-wrestling-centered drama sees Cole Hauser step into the shoes of former Olympian John Wright. Wright is a fallen champion himself who returns to his small hometown – a place living in the shadow of the past – his past.

John was once the pride of his hometown. An Olympian, for Yellowstone’s sake. But Wright’s own mistakes have him barreling deeper into a life he now loathes.

The Last Champion thrives under the old-as-time tale of a once-proud man navigating life after failure. Cole Hauser shines equally in these failures as he does his triumphs, all while trying to save his mother’s home from foreclosure.

Thanks to a close circle of close friends, Hauser’s Wright decides to return to the wrestling mat in the form of coaching local youths. These kids grew up much the same way Wright did, and he’ll do anything to see them never repeat the sins of his past.

Together, they can make it back to the Olympics. If they can get out of their own way.

Sold yet? We thought so. It’s a surefire pleaser for fans of the Yellowstone star, and another feather in the cap that is the long, storied Hollywood career of one Cole Hauser.

Catch The Last Champion‘s network premiere courtesy of Paramount this Monday, July 5, at 10pm ET.