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‘Yellowstone’ TV: This Antagonist Wanted to Live Longer in the Series Instead of Facing Their Deadly Fate

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

One Yellowstone antagonist dished on their short stint on the show and what it was like working with some significant characters.

Sarah Nguyen appeared on Yellowstone for eight episodes spanning from the first two seasons. While we initially thought she was a loyal worker dedicated to Jamie Dutton’s campaign, she turned out to be a major reporter from New York. Furthermore, she wasn’t interested in Jamie really but wanted information on his father and how she could uncover his secrets and corruption.

Being the wormy Yellowstone character he is, Jamie Dutton gets angry at his father John after he tells Jamie that he must withdraw from the Attorney General election. This position is something Jamie has dreamt of.

After discovering Sarah’s true identity, Jamie agrees to do an interview with the journalist, unveiling all of the wrongdoings John Dutton has partaken in.

Jamie Dutton comes to regret this decision and tries to stop the story from being published. Sarah will not budge, so Jamie takes matters into his own hands, literally.

The lawyer meets up with the writer and chokes her to death, staging her death as a kayaking accident.

Michaela Conlin’s Short Yellowstone Role

Michaela Conlin, the actress who plays Sarah Nguyen on Yellowstone, dished on her time on the hit western drama in an interview with Looper.

She notes how “gracious” a few characters were to her on set, including the one that ends her character’s life.

“Yeah. He (Wes Bentley) was great. I mean, I was going to bring him up. Both him and Cole Hauser are just … They’ve been doing it for such a long time, and they’re so funny and gracious, and they’ve just been around. They were wonderful … I mean, to be strangled by somebody in the woods, I would choose Wes Bentley again. We were laughing before I was dying. So it was great.”

However, Conlin knew her time on the show was limited after discovering her stance against the Duttons.

“I mean, it’s funny because I feel like as soon as I knew that she was an antagonist for the Duttons, I was like, ‘Oh s*** … My time is limited. I don’t think this is going to go well.'”

Yeah, you could say that.

Overall, Conlin had only positive things to say about Yellowstone.

“Just being outside, shooting, was so incredible,” she said. “Yeah — and Taylor Sheridan’s obviously so talented, and it was a great experience, that show.”

On Yellowstone, Sarah Nguyen was succeeded by her girlfriend Paige Nutter, who questioned authorities to look into Sarah’s death.